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Pentagon To Disband ‘Useless’ Warrant Officer Corps

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Pentagon Comptroller Robert Hale warned on Tuesday that the second round of sequestration would mean that the Pentagon needs to get lean, and he's found that cutting the "antique" Warrant Officer Corps would save millions…

The History Of The Battleship In 15 Awesome Pictures

Ah, battleships: is there anything more majestic than a set of sixteen-inch guns rising up in the air, ready to ejaculate a set of armor-piercing shells deep into whatever target happens to be nearby? There's also speed, armor,…

Top 13 Jobs Navy SEALs Take After Service

Navy SEALs are among the best of the best of today's military, but many move on to bigger and better things beyond having ripped abs and shooting things. We consulted with a number of both Navy SEAL and career experts to find the top jobs …

Army Study Proves Majors Worse Than 2nd Lieutenants

ARLINGTON, VA - Army Chief of Staff General Ray Odierno announced today the results of an Army-wide study on company and field-grade leadership, which showed Majors are far more dangerous to soldiers than Second Lieutenants. “While this was…