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The #1 Destination for Brands Wanting to Reach Smart, Engaged Military Readers

Duffel Blog serves a niche of military service members, veterans, national security nerds, and comedy fans. The site’s global popularity has skyrocketed, with viewers all over the world coming each day to see the latest and greatest.

We have a large, growing, and highly engaged fan base across various channels.

Quick Stats:

  • Facebook: 178,000+ Fans
  • Twitter: 15,000+ Followers
  • Email Subscribers: 16,000+
  • Instagram: 4000+ fans
  • Youtube: 900+ fans

Our readers are mainly English-speaking and fall in the range of ages 18-44 with about 70% being male.

Huge Traffic receives 1-2 million unique visitors and 4-9 million page views each month (Google Analytics/Quantcast). The site receives steady traffic, but many of the stories are highly shareable and often viral on social networks.

Extensive Media Attention

Duffel Blog has been featured in the The Wall Street Journal, CBS, National Public Radio, Military Times,, Stars & Stripes, USA Today, Business Insider, Columbia Journalism Review, countless military blogs, and various other national and local media outlets.

Fantastic Results

“Our experience with TDB was excellent.  Through the ad portal we were able to set up a payment, select an ad position, gain approval and see our ad posted in short order.  We sell Army related mobile phone and table apps, our advertisement ran to our home page then to iTunes connect or Google Play.  Google analytics reported 440 clicks to our home site during our 10 day trial, on our sales side we saw revenue increase around 20%.  We were delighted to see sales continue to stay high after the advertisement trial ended.  Sales in Army Infantry products seem to have gained a permanent boost.  That is to say, we have found our target audience here and have made lasting connections.”  — Dustin Pack, Polemics Applications LLC

“It went really well.  I had a ton of traffic from the ad, and did get some orders.  You really helped to boost my brand to guys and retired military, which is something that I have been struggling with. I was contacted by many prior service people about getting their old uniforms turned into bears for their grandkids, and even one non-military person wanting to get their work uniform (he’s a deputy sheriff) made into a bear for his daughter.  Thank you so much for your help with this!

As for the numbers, according to Google Analytics we averaged over 250 referrals a day from Duffel Blog, so it was a definite success!”  — Pamela Larson, Teddys From The Troops

“We took out a one week block of advertising on Duffel Blog, and it paid dividends for us. We are a small business that is just starting out, and the banner ad gave us the visibility we needed to our precise demographic. It was money well spent, and we plan on advertising on Duffel Blog routinely in the future. I would encourage any one to put up an advertisement for just a week, and see what it will do for you!” — Erik, Blackside Concepts

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Duffel Blog offers standard banner ads (300×250, 728×90, and others), full page takeover options, interstitials, newsletter ads, and custom campaigns.

If you’d like more information on how we can help you reach your customers, reach out to our dedicated sales team at Duffel Media.