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Author: Bert Brrrrt

Bert Brrrrt is one of the few infantrymen that knows how to write. His best ideas come when he's squatting over an overflowing slit trench oozing into his boot soles. In his free time, he brews beer and volunteers to carry the 240, because he's an American hero.
MIAMI, Fla. — Allowing a Member of Congress adequate time to exploit the death of a service member has officially been added to the U.S. Army’s Casualty Notification Process, sources confirmed today. After receiving an inquiry about the casualty notification process from Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.), the Department of the Army decided to modify the […]
WASHINGTON, D.C. — Remarks from President-elect Donald Trump earlier this week calling NATO allies ‘obsolete’ have been labeled completely unprecedented by everyone except the thousands of American soldiers who have fought alongside them in Afghanistan, sources confirmed today. “The only NATO allies I’ve seen since being in theater have been the French MPs on [Kandahar […]
WASHINGTON — Amidst a dizzying array of highly divisive issues in the 2016 presidential election, Americans have found an issue on which there is overwhelming agreement: those born in the Millennial generation remain “lazy pieces of shit looking for handouts,” despite a combined total of 28 years of continuous war in Iraq and Afghanistan being fought on the ground […]
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