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Author: Bravo

Army airborne infantryman, was deployed to Afghanistan, but currently a garrison-dweller. Spends his free time in Alaska hunting wolverines - with a freakin' 12-gauge, what do you think?? Strongly disapproves of President Obama; don't tell anyone.
JOINT BASE LEWIS-McCHORD, Wash. — Meet Tracker, a five-year-old, sixty-pound Belgian Malinois and a graduate of the Military Working Dog School at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas. He’s also one of the Army’s first five openly transgender military police dogs, assigned to the 42nd Military Police Brigade at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. “We took to each other pretty quickly,” said […]
NEW YORK — In a statement to the United Nations Security Council on Monday, President Barack Obama gave a heartfelt apology for what he called the “tragic and brutal” actions which will be taken by American troops in the wars of the future. “These as-yet unrealized conflicts risk further damaging America’s credibility and reputation throughout […]
GRAFENWÖHR, GERMANY – During a training deployment to the Grafenwöhr Training Area, a U.S. Army unit mistakenly invaded Germany, effectively re-igniting World War II, according to a spokesman for 7th Army Headquarters. A platoon of soldiers from 1st Infantry Division was conducting training on one of the outlying western ranges when the professional opposing force staged […]
DENVER, CO — The Phony Veterans of Foreign Wars, the nation’s leading military fakers’ organization — representing fake members from all service branches — has gone on the offensive in the fight against military bloggers. PVFW fired back with a public relations offensive, speaking with reporters and establishing a password-protected blog on their website devoted to peer-reviewed development of members’ stories […]
FORT KNOX, KY – In an effort to increase soldiers’ interchangeability and world-wide assignment eligibility, the Army has announced that married individuals will no longer be considered for enlistment, and all active-duty married soldiers must divorce their spouses within thirty days or be subject to administrative separation in accordance with AR 600-8-2. Dependents must return […]
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