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Author: sandy

Sandy is a guy who enlisted in Army Intelligence when he realized his Liberal Arts Degree wasn’t going to get him a good job. When he got out of the Army he was still saddled with the same degree so he just went to work for the Department of Defense.
WALLA WALLA, Wash. — Retired Marine Corps Gen. James Mattis joined a growing number of Americans by taking part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on Sunday, sources confirmed. In a video uploaded to YouTube and later posted to Facebook, the former commander of Central Command turned academic is seen sitting in a folding camp chair […]
FORT MEADE, MD — His financial stability rocked by furloughs, overtime cuts and stagnant promotions, NSA Senior Analyst Eric Delhugh was having trouble paying his bills. He considered himself a patriotic American but Delhugh was desperate. He decided to sell secrets to a foreign government but was shocked to find no one was interested. “I […]
QUANTICO, VA – The Commandant of the Marine Corps released an administrative message yesterday, indicating that all Marines would be required to wear service uniforms at all times, effective immediately. Marines in cold weather climates are required to wear the Service ‘B’ uniform, known as “Bravos,” which include the long-sleeve khaki shirt with a tie […]
TAMPA, FL – In light of recent revelations concerning CIA Director David Petraeus’ extra marital affair, several gentlemen’s clubs in the Tampa Metro area have begun looking for female biographers to work in their establishments. David “Cheech” Robinisi, manager of the Bottoms Up Club on Adamo Drive in Tampa told the Duffel Blog that this was […]
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