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Tag: Boot Camp

MCRD PARRIS ISLAND, S.C. — The Marine Corps Recruit Depot has once again found itself in hot water after officials allowed an ISIS fighter to pursue his dreams of learning the art of torture and degradation from the prestigious Marine Corps Drill Instructor School, sources confirmed today. Allahk Hazeen, a 25-year-old Syrian native and recent graduate, says he can’t […]
NAVAL STATION GREAT LAKES, Ill. — Battle Stations, the grueling 12-hour simulation that all enlisted members of the United States Navy must complete before graduating recruit training, is undergoing a major overhaul, according to sources. Gone are the simulated missile attacks, mass casualties, and shipboard fires, the hallmark of Cold War training, sources say. Instead recruits will now face challenges […]
CAMP PENDLETON, Calif. – Private First Class Chad Slater is struggling with a momentous life decision bearing untold consequences, as sources say he has repeatedly alternated between a solid black polo and his boot camp company t-shirt in front of the mirror of his barracks room, in freshly-creased khaki trousers and military-issued leather shoes. Depending on […]
PARRIS ISLAND, SC – South Carolina State Police released a bulletin today announcing they were looking for a man who allegedly pretended to be a drill instructor and stole a recruit platoon at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island for several hours. The man, claiming his name was Staff Sergeant Hector Mantuf from 3rd Recruit Training […]
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