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Tag: CIA

WASHINGTON — The nation is in a panic after discovering that the Central Intelligence Agency — also known as the “CIA” according to recently-declassified documents — may be spying on people around the world. The revelation comes alongside a stunning collection of leaked documents by WikiLeaks, Russia’s top news agency, which released a staggering 8,761 classified documents […]
LOS ANGELES — After a dramatic Coast Guard operation this summer seized more than $1 billion in cocaine from illegal smuggling efforts, the Central Intelligence Agency is asking for it back, Duffel Blog has learned. “We didn’t spend the last forty years perfecting narcotics smuggling so that a couple of wet-behind-the-ears puddle pirates could pull a paper mache submarine out of […]
WASHINGTON — David Petraeus has been reinstated as CIA Director and given $2.2 million in backpay following new legislation that decriminalizes the leak of top secret information, as long as it is done by people who have deep political connections or fame. Congress unanimously passed legislation on Friday that takes into account a convicted person’s sociopolitical rank before […]
LANGLEY, VA – Officials with the Central Intelligence Agency are facing continued fallout from revelations that Paula Broadwell has been linked to affairs with CIA Director David “Peaches” Petraeus, ISAF General John Allen, at least one Marine Private First Class, hundreds of field agents, and a half-dozen security guards, among others. The whole scandal has […]
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