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Tag: Powerpoint

RAQQA, Syria — The reign of ISIS will soon be at an end, thanks to the latest overwhelming and decisive tactic employed by the US military: An airdrop of hundreds of laptops loaded with 130-slide PowerPoint presentations. “They’re not even password-protected,” said Adm. Michael S. Rogers, commander of US Cyber Command. “We want them to get […]
RAMSTEIN AB, Germany – Widespread panic occurred this week at 3rd Air Force Headquarters on Ramstein Air Base, Germany, after an intel officer used all these big words during his daily update brief. Lt. Amit Reddi, an air defense analyst for 3rd Air Force, apparently threw the unit into complete chaos by explaining that “enemy maneuvers were nominal” and […]
FORT BLISS, Texas — A howl of joyous laughter rattled the dusty windows of the 5/52 Air Defense Artillery Battalion building Tuesday as 1st. Lt. Andrew Lapp leapt from his small work station in the corner of the empty S-3 shop. Sources reported that the junior officer, who has been driven to mental extremis from the constant […]
FOB DELARAM, AFGHANISTAN – In the mountains of Farah Province, a dismounted rifle patrol from 3rd Battalion, 25th Marines prepares to depart the wire. Rifles are loaded, gear is checked, immediate action drills are rehearsed. Lastly, and most importantly, the patrol gets a brief from their 0231 Intelligence Analyst, Corporal Oscar Jimenez. “Intelligence shows that all […]
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