How Not To Get Off A 7-Ton

A Lieutenant Failing At Life

Ah, Lieutenants. This can be watched a hundred times and never get old.

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  1. We were doing Convoy Live Fire Training. Since we are in TRADOC (Army Training Hell), ALL safety measures have to be taken to about 15 levels beyond standard safe. Instead of dropping the tailgate, and having the Soldiers jump down -OR- dropping the gate and letting the slide off (like the video), the tailgate has to be chained in the down position so when they DO slide off they won’t execute the 2 point landing (knees, face) as demonstrated above. ALL THE PRIVATES KNOW WHAT TO DO. The only one that screws it up is an E5 going through the training. He decides to show them how it is REALLY done. Goes to drop off the gate from a standing position, and his trailing leg get caught in the handle of the tailgate. Smacked the ground face first, with his leg still damn near straight up in the air.
    Unfortunately, it was the only chalk we didn’t film!

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