Stupid Photographer In Front Of Firing Line On Range

Did that actually just happen? Yes. Yes it actually did.

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  1. Just saw the video and it was amateur hour. Guys turning around with gun in hand, piss poor holster clearance, slack magazine changes, and most would be dead in real life. Because in real life, at what five metres range, you better hit that get that target real damn quick. Kneeling my arse I would have fired two shots into the head at that range and holstered my handgun. I notice that the shooter to the left of the camera man was taking his sweet time. In my days it was called close quarter battle and learnt to disarm using my hands as well. Handguns are a back up and nothing else. I would be using a long arm and train with the shit I would carry. This is just wannabe stuff.

  2. Jeff Cooper was not the father of modern pistol craft, well he was in his own mind, but it William Ewart Fairbairn who first taught the double tap and rapid magazine changes in 1928. Cooper was just grand standing on other people’s work. His four rules were well known and taught by Fairbairn except, and why is the guy taking the photograph is a dumbass? because shit happens. You don’t need someone down range taking photographs for his jollies. Amateurs might get off on that shit, not professionals.

  3. That’s pretty dumb. Not as dumb as forgetting you left the car in neutral and leaving the emergency break on while taking fire on the road in Iraq, but pretty dumb.

  4. Excellent, we agree. I wasn’t sure where you were going with your comments so thanks for clarifying.

      • I have already on the facebook posts associated with this article. But i will restate them again.

        The title for this article is “stupid photographer in front of firing line on range” This is inferring that being downrange while people are shooting is a stupid idea. But let’s look at this a little closer.

        The question is why is it considered stupid? Are these people trying to kill him? No, they are not, they are simply shooting at the target in a controlled enviroment. Would the poster of this article consider it stupid for a combat photographer imbedding themselves with a military unit in Afghanistan or Iraq? In an enviroment where insurgents or terrorists are trying to kill the unit they are imbedded with? Taking the lack of evidence from the net of articles whereby combat photographers are being called stupid, i would think that most nobody has an issue with a combat photographer being imbedded with a unit. Yet they are downrange, no different from the gentleman in the video.

        So lets take the aspect of doing something dangerous. I mean OMG he is downrange of a firing line!!!! (sarcasm intended). What other actions do we take on a daily basis that are considered dangerous. How about we use the driving a car analogy. We take it for granted that driving down the rd at 60mph with another vehicle coming at us at 60mph is safe. Yet when we google car crashes, it is evident that this is not the case. Yet we do not consider driving on the highway stupid.

        BASE jumping?
        Bungee jumping?
        Wingsuit flying?

        Where are the articles of calling the people who engage in these activities, stupid?

        Now let’s look particularly at the circumstances of the video. The four universal firearms safety rules, as set forth from Jeff Cooper, who is the father of modern pistolcraft are:

        All guns are always loaded
        Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy
        Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target
        Always be aware of your target, what’s around it, behind it.

        In watching this video when were any of the four rules broken in regards to the photographer? Zero were violated.

        There are arguements all over the net on this video. These are only mine and why i feel that the original poster has zero clue.

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