Happy Birthday ‘Merica

Happy Birthday U.S.A. You’re 236 and looking good. Now, go read the Declaration of Independence and then get yourself a beer. Thanks for being a fan of The Duffel — we’ll see you again tomorrow.

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  1. That is NOT our DEAR LEADER farcing HIS WAY thru THE DOOR and PUTIN roundies down rangie DED FUKIN CENRIST one Ded OsamIE cuz a obammIE! ” “” EYE “” personalutly DEEP SEXED HIM MY OWN SELF!!!”” ST6 were not said to have BEN within $ 500,000,000.00 & counting. A FACT “S T 6” IS MOST HAPPY TO CONFIRM TO EVERYONE THE WORLD OVER AND WILL EXPOSE THIER WHEREABOUTS AND SECRET LOCATIONS AND OREDERS JUST SO they DON’T GET ANY BLAME!!! Not PC?! agin, STFW! BDFB out

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