Captain Wedley: Battalion Disciplinator

CPT Wedley

Even the Air Force can have some Terry Tate-esque  humor. Say hello to Capt. Wedley.

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    I met Terry Tate on the USS HELENA (SSN 725) when he was visiting COMICON San Diego. It was great, None of us knew he was coming until our duty van pulled up and he and his two girlfriends climbed out with the NAVET Chief. Crazy.

  2. The gentleman that was running the board and tells the SPC to execute, is one of my old First Sergeants. His name is 1SG Arlie Rogers. He was THE BEST First Sergeant I ever had! When he came to Fort Hood, he told us that when they made this video in Denver, it was the funniest thing he had ever done in the Army. Great Guy!

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