Every Marine Staff NCO Speech Ever

Someone needs to promote this Marine immediately.

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  1. Lol that was just about every military cliche in just under 4 mins. He could’ve been a bit more creative with his cussin but otherwise a squared away NCO. Except calling the Army a bunch dirty Mofos. We weren’t dirty, at least my unit wasn’t dirty. Can’t speak for the entire branch…

  2. I am probably one of the most laid-back chaplains in the military and really understand where I am and who I am dealing with regarding swearing, but this guy takes profanity beyond the pale of anything acceptable. He is not even good at it, so very one-dimensional. Basically he is a moron with a three word vocabulary: shit, fuck, and G_ddamn. Some senior NCO with a brain and some sense of propriety needs to jerk a knot in this guy’s third point. This is just another example of promoting too young and too quickly.

    • Wow maybe you should take a step back and think about your duties as a chaplain… If you’re gonna be talking like this about Marines or anyone else in general you are a disgrace to chaplains in the military… Also you obviouslt don’t know the Marine Corps, because it is not a complete sentence unless fuck is in it.

  3. That video does a great job summing up why my brother Josh left 2nd Recon Battalion after his first enlistment was up. He never said much about the Staff Sergeants, but he sure had his fill of douchebag Sgt Majors who couldn’t lead a pack of Cub Scouts pretending they were the hardest motherfuckers who ever walked the planet. Ass-kissing officers who would throw their own mom under a bus if it got them just one more promotion. And, to top it off, a Marine Corps absolutely over-flowing with whiny females (usually complaing about getting no respect while dodging every shitty detail and crappy assignment by using the ‘gender card’). At least he got out without ever actually having to fly on that piece of shit MV-22, he actually knew a team leader at 2nd Recon that had to be threatened with a NJP before he would fly on one.

    Good stuff, keep it up!

    • @Pave Low John – Well said! Only thing I question is the threatening to fly part… Flying is a completely voluntary duty, hence why we flyers got flight pay, but you could refuse to fly or give it up all together at any time with no repurcusions. You would have to retrain to a non-flying MOS, but that’s it, just part of the choice.

  4. The entire intent of this speech was a joke boost morale. The word “fuck”was used so frequently because it’s part if the joke. We as junior enlisted are forced to listen to this garbage atleast once a day. It becomes so predictable that you know what your “leadershit” is going to say before it’s said. Hence putting together this speech. Notice how everyone in the video is laughing? Maybe some of you should try.

  5. Im not going to stand here and bump my gums all day. Its a joke gents, he’s a Lcpl. Look closer. I had many SNCOs that spoke alot but said nothing much like this devil dog. Right the fuck on!

  6. I agree that this Marine needs to learn the way to speak before he has any leadership. He can’t express his self at all. He also had no message to pass along. Cpl of Marines 1954 to 1957

  7. I am impressed that he appears to be actually reading some of his comments. I did not know Marines could read. Amazing.

  8. That is absolutely God-awful. I think the military should make it a pre-requisite for all NCOs to have a minimum of ENG 101 or Public speaking class (preferably both) under their belt prior to even being selected for such a title. Reminds me of my salty former bos’n-turned-corpsman LPO who cussed every other sentence, not to mention she sounded like a 12 year old. Aside from that, this motivated junior NCO needs to be meritoriously promoted ASAP lol

  9. That was almost EVERY service branch NCO speech ever, just put your branch in when ever he says “Marine” and adjust the syntax accordingly. Nevertheless, promote that man.

  10. Yeah, but he hasn’t made up any words yet. That said, he should be commended for never missing the opportunity to use a cliche.

  11. A true leader knows how to motivate without having us the word fuck with every other word..Someone should send him to a leadership school..He could have said what he said and it would have meant more to the men.
    Either the men respect you or tolerate you..
    He is just another NCO but not a leader yet.

    • Capt. Hall is correct.

      For example, it is possible to employ some or all of the following when appropriate to provide necessary motivation, without using the word “fuck” one time.

      Ability to do so, coherently and with feeling, without pause to intake breath, is an appropriate gage in considering readyness for promotion.

      “What you see before you is a pathetic bottom-feeding scum-sucking increasingly sun damaged pathetic shit-eating clueless lame brained limp-dicked waste of space and bane of all human existence who trips over his own shoelaces when walking barefoot, and knows nothing about anything in this world or the next except how wet it gets when pissed on.”

    • Go figure, a Capt trash talking enlisted lol. Apparently you don’t know how to joke which means you suck ass at motivating Marines. You’re the annoying officer that gives the stupid ass 2 hour long speeches that dont mean shit!

  12. Really not by the nimrods that try to read mine. Oh By The BYE, I PERSONNALY TRAINED HIS FUCKING GOOD TO GO ASS! aint none better! BDFB KPM Kev mumblz giberator LT u a gree?

  13. Pretty much nailed it. Either promote him or do away with E-8/E-9 ranks… this Marine is proof that the lingo can be mastered “where the rubber meets the road.”

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