Tactical Velcro Opening Secret From Special Forces

Tactical Velcro Army Humor

In one of those, “I wish I thought of that” moments, this video shows you the proper, and highly tactical method of opening velcro without it giving away your position.

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  1. back in the early 80s every would-be rambo started sportin ‘tactical’ watches with 6 different bezels, generally on an OD nylon watch band with a velcro-secured flap to protect the watch face. i developed a sort of recurring daydream – which come to think might have made a nice scene in a spoof flick like ‘delta farce’ – in which commando teams poised in the jungle to assault an enemy encampment give their positions away by checking their watches simultaneously at H minus 30 sec. glad to learn it wasnt just me.

  2. Not real PC R I? Do I kair? Nope! Am I havin fun yet? Yup! Am I Evil? Nope; just real twisted and plenty crazy. And IM HAVIN FUN R U? NO tuff titty. I’m old senile and might still get away with blaming someone else for all this shit.

  3. Ran into Velcro 1st time on my 1st flight suit 1970. At the begging the No Mex Floght Suit pissed me off, thought it a little Cheesy to not let those who gave us chile con carne and you Jumping Beans weren’t allowed to wear these here flight suits. Well the Velcro has come a long way since then. I still have folks that TRY to keep me up to date, but as I’m SO SURE some might have NOTICED I can get my feathers a bit RUFFLED even when they are not. Oh yeah Velcro REPORT OR REPORTS OF no report from the New Velcro: that will alert the Enemy to YOUR POSITION! Didn’t say it did not make noise. Each size, wxl xh is scientifically tested and developed to imitate the Enemies Favorite Barnyard/Lover/Pet/WifeDauSonAllAbove as they either Talk out THIER ass or Pass Air Post Climatic Nite Exercises! You can really RIP OPEN this Velcro and never even get one eyebrow raised from one crotch or backside, whichever comes first, last or TWOGETHER! Good Stuff VelCrow! COCK A DIDDLE OOHHH!

  4. I’m sure that works real well when you’re trying not to wake anyone up after you come back from night patrol

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