Ultra-Realistic Modern Warfare Game Features Awaiting Orders, Repairing Trucks

The classic video from The Onion about the latest and greatest in the Call of Duty series.

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  1. To land in the Land of the pukeket of the us + ussr in 70’s known as Iraq. Aircraft marked United States Of America, no Mil/ID/TAGS/CLOTHES/Even the equipment and Manuel’s were as clean of anything Military as they could get. Even no Sky Marshal ID or State Dept Protection Detail or our own sidearms or the then DoD/USAF chkdout shorty 16. ussr wore SUITS TIES ECT! We WERE SUPPOSED a to. How about real big Pink Wndshield Wiper Sunglasses/ lil Abner Pant Shirt and One Pair Really Used USARMY AIR CORP BROWN COMBAT BOOTS AIR CREW hand me downs! 15’d A LOT when I was just a kid! Mighta made e15-16 weren’t for all that FUN & being misunderstood as a kid in the air force fresh from high school thrust into a flight suit with ZIPPERS that went BOTH UP AND DOWN at the SAME TIME!! Then I found out that wasn’t the only TWO THINGS that went up and down in PAIRS GETTING INTO THOSE zippers so THE TWO OFTHEMM could go UP AND DOWN AND UP AND DOWN and … think I was getting sea sick? Nah. Ride the ramp of the last Heavy in a 4 bird Low Level Cargo or Personnel Drop! Sometimes like driving over the all the parking blocks in the lot, for a long time, on purpose, with your feet leaving the floor sometime. Why didn’t I have depth perception why me? All those that have Chutes are LEAVING! Including The STUFF ON THE PALLETS! And WE are staying on this perfectly ” GOOD?” Aircraft WITHOUT PARACHUTES while this over 300,000 LB thing bounce all over the sky at around 1200-1500 ft. At least I didn’t grow up with a CAMEL FOR A SISTER/IN LAWfully messy and plenty shitty parlor games! There is a God! That’s why it’s OMG INSTEAD OF OMA OR OMM oh my ass or oh my my. Reported to also be the new BP THEEM SONG AND CAMP PAIN SLOGAN AND SHITTY DITTY for tHAIR HOPe INTO THE BACK DOO ERRR off POLY TICKS!

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