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Assistant operations officer finds perfect name for upcoming training exercise


FORT WAINWRIGHT, Alaska — After weeks of deliberation, 4-21st Infantry’s assistant operations officer has finally devised the perfect name for the unit’s upcoming deployment to Romania, sources confirmed today.

“There’s a great saying in Romanian that translates almost exactly to ‘Crimson Killer,'” said Capt. Peter Krump. “It’s similar enough to our own SOPs that it doesn’t sound too strange, while at the same time, I think our Romanians will get a big kick out of it.”

Krump, who majored in linguistics in college and minored in Central and Eastern European History, says there’s a lot of great culture in the region.

“Romania has been on the front of almost every losing fight for the past 500 years or so. Still, they manage to hold onto their language and culture. They’ve been beaten by the Germans, Turks, and Russians, but never given up.”

The search for a good name for the operation over a 9-month deployment took a lot of Krump’s free time, but it was a “labor of love,” he told reporters.

“Really got to get into the weeds, learn about the language and customs of our NATO partners for the next year.”

The previous year’s deployment was named “Fearless Guardian,” and was the butt of many jokes among cynical soldiers.

Krump said that he discovered the term he wanted to use buried in a history of Romania’s clashes with Russian imperialism in the 19th century.

Late Friday, Krump delivered the proposed name for the operation and its justification to his boss, the S3. As of press time, he had decided not to use Krump’s suggestion, going instead with “Fearless Guardian II.”

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