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Duffel Blog has been hailed as “pitch-perfect” satire by Wired, while CBS News said it often “turns out some of the best satire since Joseph Heller wrote Catch-22.” The sole reason for such praise stems from the high caliber of Duffel Blog contributors.

That means, just like in special operations, we only accept the best of the best of the best. Yeah, we said that three times.

In all seriousness, we’re stringent about keeping our pool of writers strong and fresh. Our best writers are creative, have military experience and a great sense of humor, and possess a willingness to master the elements of parody, news style, and satirical writing.

Duffel Blog contributors have the potential to reach millions of readers with their articles, in addition to skewering the national security space in a way that gets our readership thinking and hopefully, affects change. They also join a vibrant community of veterans who pitch ideas amongst each other, refine each other’s writing, and quite often, become friends offline.

If this interests you, please fill out the form below.

We respect the privacy and anonymity of all our contributors, but we do need to know who we're working with. Sorry Secretary Mattis, you can't ghost write for us without revealing your name. Really Jim, it's ok. You can trust us.
We only accept current or former members of the U.S. military as writers.
What is your current rank, or your last one upon discharge?
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We require at least 15 headline pitches, which obviously, should be funny. Funny varies from person to person. But the best comedy writers, and comedians at-large, tend to write for a wide audience. Their material is accessible to most people. Sure, funny is subjective, but for most people, a good joke is a good joke. The point that should be taken here is that your headline should usually be accessible to everyone. It should also be less than 140 characters and require no further explanation.
Your writing sample should include a headline and an article not previously mentioned in your headline pitches. This is THE MOST CRITICAL part of your application, so make it count. Your article should be formatted like a news story, use proper punctuation and spelling, be under 500 words. Perhaps most importantly, it should also be really fucking hilarious.