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Author: As For Class

As For Class is a man named Ashley. When he isn't working as a correspondent for The Duffel Blog he also writes fiction, which can be followed at
PENTAGON — After weighing overwhelming feedback from active-duty soldiers opposed to costly uniform changes, the US Army has decided to redesign its current uniform on an annual basis, sources confirmed today. “We have a serious problem with stolen valor, and this will prevent fakers from keeping up with changing uniforms,” Daniel A. Dailey, Sergeant Major […]
Keeaw-screech! Scra-eech! Scra-eech! Scra-eech! Kuk Kuk Kuk Kuk? Keeaw? Keeaw! Keeaw-screech! Scra-eech! Scra-eech! Kuk Kuk. Keeaw-screech? Kuk Kuk… Kuk Kuk. Keeaw! Keeaw-screech–Scra-eech Kuk Kuk–Scra-eech! Kuk. Keeaw-screech: Scra-eech; Scra-eech. Kuk Kuk Kuk Kuk! Keeaw! Keeaw-screech! Kuk Kuk. Scra-eech! Scra-eech! Kuk Kuk Kuk Kuk? Kuk Kuk. Keeaw-screech! Scra-eech! Keeaw? Kuk Kuk Kuk! Keeaw-screech! Kuk Kuk. America!
WASHINGTON — Capt. Steve Rogers, also known as Captain America, has been formally counseled by his commander for accumulating 2,042.5 days of unused leave, sources confirmed today. “We’ve had a lot of growing pains with Capt. Rogers,” said Lt. Col. Bill Traxton, Rogers’ commander. “The guy thinks he doesn’t have to show up for PT formation. If […]
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