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Author: G-Had

G-Had hates your freedom.
PYEONGCHANG, SOUTH KOREA — Team North Korea has scored an early success in the 2018 Winter Olympics after winning the Gold Medal for crossing red lines, sources confirmed today. Crossing red lines, in which competitors try to outdo each other in violating international norms and basic standards of human decency, has been a longtime Winter […]
NORFOLK, VA – In a move which the Navy claims will save valuable taxpayer dollars while helping to reallocate more than $7 billion in funding, ships underway will soon have the discretion to ‘abandon’, so to speak, man overboard rescues. The decision, which will officially start next month, was approved this morning by Adm. John […]
MOSCOW, RUSSIA — In a move which political analysts say is the most positive step for U.S.-Russia relations in years, the Russian government has announced their new ambassador to the U.S. will be technology expert Edward Snowden. The announcement was made in Moscow by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. Lavrov, flanked by Snowden, cited the 33-year-old’s heroic work in bringing cyber espionage to the […]
CORUSCANT – Resistance leaders have officially confirmed the death of Gen. Leia Organa, hero of the Galactic Civil War, who died of heart-related complications on Tuesday. She was 60 years old. Organa, whose career included membership in the Royal Houses of Alderaan and Naboo, as well as the Republic and later Imperial Senate, was the second woman […]
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