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Author: Jack S. McQuack

Jack S. McQuack is not in control of his life. He writes for Duffel Blog to compensate for not dying in a blaze of glory in some third-world hellhole. In his spare time he enjoys eating until he hates himself and has a mean case of prostatitis.
KABUL, Afghanistan – A hospital is never a fun place to be, especially for soldiers suffering traumatic injuries at the hands of local forces they trained. That’s why 10th Brigade Support Battalion Sgt. Maj. Renaldo Crispin makes it a point to visit these heroes and cheer them up with daily uniform inspections. Crispin takes time every […]
WAUNAKEE, Wisconsin — Some 20 employees at the office of Wesley Plastics and Electronics were recently diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) due to veteran employee Brent Standish’s inability to stop talking about PTSD, members of the staff report. According to multiple co-workers, Standish, a self-proclaimed “dysfunctional veteran” who demands to be left alone, has […]
KANDAHAR AIRFIELD, Afghanistan — The Pentagon is facing a Congressional inquiry after an email surfaced alleging a unit deployed to Afghanistan required a working dog to carry a “gigantic bag of shit” on its leash nearly 24 hours a day, sources confirmed. According to PETA spokesperson Sylvia Gaines, the animal rights organization was tipped off via an […]
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