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Author: John "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" Mittle

John Mittle is a former Army Medic with seven years experience. John's favorite APFT event is the thousand yard stare, and has a keen interest in attempting to draw the world's first perfect freehand circle. John often enjoys sitting on the back porch with his favorite drink the "Salty Dog" (double shot), listening to Scottish Bagpipes, while reading Duffel Blog articles.
CHARLOTTE DOUGLAS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT — Carolina Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams announced via Twitter that he will now require all troops to provide proof of military identification prior to any instances in which he gives up his first class airline seats to them, sources confirmed this morning. Williams made the change after a highly-publicized situation […]
WARDAK PROVINCE, Afghanistan — Special Forces soldiers conducting operations to rid Afghanistan’s notorious cave network of Taliban fighters were astounded to discover a platoon of Soviet-era forces who were left behind during the Cold War. “It’s amazing these guys are still alive after all these years,” remarked one solder. “Usually we shoot now and ask […]
YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, WY — National Park Service rangers worked in conjunction with the Army Corps of Engineers today to cap off one of the nations beloved landmarks, “Old Faithful,” due to the current government shutdown and consequent furloughs. Chief Mechanical Engineer, Col. Nathaniel Langford, who was in charge of the project noted that the […]
FORT CARSON, CO – Command Sergeant Major Allen Gibson of the 24th Air-to-Air Combat Drone Squadron, upon inspecting barracks built for his Battalion, became irate after being told that no asbestos or other hazardous materials were used in the construction process. Upon arrival to the construction site the Sergeant Major began sharpshooting the foreman as if he were sitting […]
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