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Author: Rob

Rob is a veteran of the Iraq and Afghan wars. He performs free labor for The Duffel Blog, because the codes of conduct say he must. Honestly, he doesn't know how he got caught up in all this. Help. Seriously ... please help. These guys are [email protected]$king nuts. #SatireIsReal
THE PENTAGON — The Army announced today it would end its year-long secret research program aimed at better communicating with current and future Generation Z soldiers. The program, code-named “Hashtag,” included efforts to improve performance, encourage adherence to orders, and promote commitment to the nation. Sources close to the program, however, claimed it failed at all three. […]
SAN DIEGO, Calif. — ISIS released a series of media statements over the weekend claiming responsibility for Pfc. Jason Nix’s shitty haircut, Third Battalion, Fifth Marines’ canceled 96-hour liberty pass, and all Marine Corps first sergeants, according to counter-terrorism officials. Top Marine Corps leaders however, released a statement Monday admitting its approximately 1,300 first sergeants were most likely […]
THE PENTAGON — The Department of Defense issued a directive to the services Monday, ordering each branch to warn members of a “dangerous and unpredictable Internet,” amid recent threats of lone wolf attacks against military and their families. Leaders claim the warning will provide service members the tools they need to hide from the Internet at home and abroad. […]
CAMP PENDLETON, Calif. — Two women have become the first same-sex couple to marry on a Marine Corps base, after the Camp Pendleton base chapel honored their request to hold a wedding ceremony last week, Duffel Blog has learned. Sgt. Theresa Lovelace and her partner, Cynthia Downonu, married on June 12, just weeks before Lovelace is scheduled to deploy […]
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