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Author: Ron

Ron is a technical writer and Navy veteran. His background was in intelligence and translation, but now he's paid to write technical manuals that no one reads.
AUGUSTA, GA — The spouse of a Ft. Gordon soldier is breathing easier after a military police officer removed a Doritos bag from its head. Several witnesses reported to law enforcement officials that they saw the spouse wandering on lawns in base housing with a family-sized Doritos bag over its head and flailing its arms. […]
KINGS BAY, GA — A sailor on shore duty has contracted scurvy, military health officials said Sunday. It marks the Navy’s first recorded case of the disease since the Civil War. Last week, Electronics Technician 1st Class Kevin Jurgensen reported to King’s Bay Branch Health Clinic complaining of lethargy, bleeding from his gums, and spots […]
WASHINGTON, DC – Boot Camp just got a little bit harder. Military officials announced that Basic Training dining facilities will stop adding saltpeter to their meals, as part of sweeping efforts to reduce dangerous substances in troops’ diets. The switch to saltpeter-free food is scheduled for March 1. Saltpeter, or potassium nitrate, is an ionic salt […]
STUTTGART, GERMANY — Local military police officer William Moya is being called “an all-American hero” by his command today after his actions were credited with saving countless lives on the base. During a recent speed-enforcement activity, Moya, a 28-year old Staff Sgt., pulled over a motorist who was blazing through the Patch Barracks Shoppette parking lot with a […]
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