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Author: The Wolfman

The Wolfman has been a military policeman in the Army since 2002. After multiple deployments, he has now been placed in a glass case that says "Break in case of war... Or zombies." He does escape from time to time to get you some hard hitting news and moonlight as The Punisher around Nashville, TN.
WASHINGTON – Jumping on the social media “challenge” bandwagon, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter last week released a Vine video of himself doing nothing stupid, reckless, dangerous, or in any way interesting, and challenged the men and the women of the armed forces to do likewise. He specifically called out a Navy Skipper who faces a DUI […]
NEW YORK — The Department of Veteran’s Affairs has selected BuzzFeed as its lead partner for a new initiative to clear its backlog of disability claims. The VA and BuzzFeed will form a joint group made up of doctors, psychologists, benefits specialists and dirty hipsters to develop quizzes to diagnose and allocate benefits to the millions of […]
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Military recruit training is known for changing the way servicemembers walk, talk, eat, and sleep, but all have not been equally enforced. Today however, the element of “talk” comes under increased scrutiny as the Department of Defense released new plans to set a military-wide language usage standard. The guidance from the Pentagon is […]
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