Thanks For Your Donation

From the bottom of my heart, I just wanted to say thank you for your generosity. I know I speak for the many Duffel Blog contributors when I say that keeping this website fresh and relevant, and providing laughs to you and many others, is an absolute honor and privilege.

I mean, really, when you can make fun of first sergeants and dumb PowerPoint briefings without fear of retribution, you’ve probably got a pretty sweet gig.

As you can probably imagine, working on Duffel Blog is a lot of fun, but sustaining it solely through advertising revenue can be a challenge. Your donation will help us (hopefully) stick around and deliver laughs to troops and veterans for years to come.

If that doesn’t work, of course, the troops can always go back to complaining about military life to their roommate in the barracks or their stripper girlfriend.

So anyway, thanks again. We’re incredibly lucky to have you as a fan, and we’re especially thankful that you value our work enough to throw us a few bucks. It’s very much appreciated.

Paul Szoldra, founder and editor-in-chief

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