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Paul Sharpe

US says it will stay in Syria until it spends $1 trillion defeating ISIS


Obituary: R. Lee Ermey, Marine, Actor, POG

Maxx Butthurt

Air Force Combat Controller shares the best method for clearing a room filled with insurgents

Dick Scuttlebutt

New guy in the platoon always reading books, like some kind of nerd

Drew Ferrol

Navy plans to reduce suicide by monitoring sailors at all times


Troops on border continue winning hearts and spades

Lee Ho Fuk

DUFFEL BLOG PRESENTS: Top 10 phrases used by subordinates, and what they really mean

Epic Blunder

Level 63 Paladin granted religious exemption to grow neckbeard

Jack S. McQuack

Drinking eight Rip Its a day could help you live longer, study by specialist with no teeth says

Addison Blu

Dan Crenshaw stabs Pete Davidson in the eye, or whatever

Cat Astronaut

North Pole warns of pilot shortage as reindeer leave for commercial sleighlines


DUFFEL BLOG PRESENTS: Holden Caulfield gives your weekend safety brief

Slab Squatthrust

Border Wall to be constructed out of unfinished Coast Guard cutters

Sgt B

Trump vows to learn identity of unknown soldier during Memorial Day speech


Top military officers confused by Harvey Weinstein suffering consequences amid harassment allegations

The Shammer

Duffel Blog Presents: 26 mythological creatures the troops have heard of but never seen

Dirk Diggler

Admiral Ackbar indicted in ‘Fat Jabba’ scandal

Frederick Taub

West Point Cadets expelled for racially motivated salute

Ted Heller

SHAMEFUL: Homeowner Association orders combat vet to remove flag from his lawn

Joe Zieja

Trump Cancels Afghanistan War Due to Weather


Army sergeant’s steampunk top hat springs class III leak in formation


Rubber rifle finally gets confirmed kill

Juice Box

TALK LOUDER: A Military Guide To Group Work


#WTF? Army ends program to support ‘Generation Z’ recruits


Opinion: Are we dead or just in Kuwait?


Honorary Chief Bill Cosby forced to resign with O-5 pension and benefits

Jake Slager

Thanksgiving declares unconditional surrender in War on Christmas

Kate C

Woman with sheepdog allergies in critical condition following night with SEAL


Military Spouse Gets Chip Bag Stuck On Its Head


Navy plans to swell recruitment and retention through increased use of phallic imagery

Lieutenant Dan

Coast Guard suspends hurricane relief operations for racial sensitivity training after circle gesture airs on national TV

Dark Laughter

Trump warns rival nations of ‘frighteningly random’ reaction to any aggression

Erik Sullivan

Trump’s plan for Syrian civil war stalls after Risk board game runs out of pieces


Air Force suffering from massive sky penis envy

The Leg Ranger

Senator proudly cites DNA test to prove he’s nearly 1 percent veteran

John "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" Mittle

Pro Athletes To Ask Troops For Military ID Prior To Giving Up First Class Seats

Andrew Calin

Point/Counterpoint: Noise discipline must never be compromised vs. A fart is always funny and should be celebrated

Duffel Blog Staff

DARPA announces it will no longer do work for Google

Mason Bube

Soldier stationed in South Korea relieved Trump is canceling exercise


Jody Moth makes sure soldier’s lamp is okay


Superman Rejected For Military Service Since He’s An Illegal Alien

Jack Mandaville

Opinion: I support the troops 100% as long as they agree 100% with my political views


New ALARACT authorizes military police to ticket Army regulation violators

Danger Close

Marine dies waiting for pair-of-socks transplant donor


DUFFEL BLOG PRESENTS: Rudyard Kipling gives your weekend safety brief

Bolo Bill

Zip-tied Somali pirates bet on how many SEAL memoirs they’ll be in

Joe D.

Charles ‘Wide Neck’ McDowell leads USO Tour request voting

Wob Weego

Navy SEALs no longer allowed to wear blackface

The Wolfman

Potential employer says ‘veteran status’ is ‘sooo 2010’


Coast Guard unveils ‘Maritime Darwinism’ policy after getting $2.28 billion budget cut on its birthday

As For Class

Contractor Who Never Served Showing All The Trappings Of A True Vet Bro

Courtney Massengale

Dead AK-47 Inventor To Be Buried In Mud For A Week, Cleaned Off, Then Put Back To Work


Chipotle modifies Veterans Day promotion to exclude fat soldiers

Maxwell McPoyle

Marine who hasn’t slept in 32 hours is lazy and undisciplined, platoon sergeant reports


Last American president to actually win a war has passed on

da kine

Major Openly Hoping For Separation


‘I still like beer’ says soldier at 2nd DUI hearing


Corps To Issue Afghanistan Campaign Medal To Garrison Marines

Philip Block

Trump announces Afghan troop surge, new Kabul hotel project


SemperFuxit: Marine Corps votes to exit Dept. of the Navy

Roger Wilco

Pokemon’s Lieutenant Surge hopelessly lost in Viridian Forest


General Mattis Takes ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Knee Deep Sailor

Crew super freaked out by new cook who didn’t join for the signing bonus

Gruff Sparty

Army hopeful new combat fitness test will turn the tide of war in Afghanistan

Semper I


Paul Silk

Army sniper unable to hit toilet bowl


Army’s new ‘Holistic Medics’ treat gunshot wounds with crystals, essential oils

L.T. Original G.

National Infantry Museum to host gallery of porta-potty artwork

Pte Bloggins

140% Of Crimeans Vote To Join Russia In Landslide Referendum

Notorious SSF

Female Cadet Rushes Home With Copy of Grand Theft Auto V, Can’t Wait To Experience Raging Misogyny


Navy Chief Who’s Proud To Be A Chief Wears Chief T-Shirt That Says So


DHS Purchases 1.2 Billion ‘Domestic Anti-Personnel’ Rounds

Joey Miami

Pentagon worries that plunging morale might affect morale

Saint Andard

General breaks jaw while talking out of both sides of mouth


Poll: Support for another Crusade at highest level since 14th century


Duffel Blog Presents: Holiday gift ideas for your favorite vetbro


Report: Jody opening your wife’s border while you protect ours

Justin Coates

DUFFEL BLOG PRESENTS: H.P. Lovecraft gives your weekend safety brief

Bull Winkle

Pentagon fails first audit and still gets promoted to Hexagon

Little Bear

Self-described ‘sheep dog’ actually more of an asshole than anything else

Hammer Lip

Terminally Ill Make-a-Wish Child Accused Of Stolen Valor


New Urinalysis Tests Whether Military Members ‘Actually Give A Shit’

Ross Magee

Dick Cheney Negotiates No-Bid Contract To Maintain Insurgent Humvees

Frederick Benteen

Chinese Hackers Access Performance Reviews Of 3 Million Shitty Federal Workers


Pentagon Mandates Suicide Prevention Briefings For Afghan Troops

Dirty Harry

Trump replaces Kim with Trump on redesigned peace talks challenge coin

Loose Change

NSA Launches ‘Revenge Porn Site’


Neller wishes Mattis would hurry up and approve his Memorial Day leave request


DoD To Charge Admission Fee For Base Access To Fix Budget Shortfalls

Phil McCracken

DoD to require passwords to be changed every day, use at least 27 different letters


Tricare to extend benefits to that girl you hooked up with two years ago

Perpetual Captain

Army Specialist earns recognition at company demotion ceremony

Shawn Robbins

Some Americans Believe Coast Guard Is Massive Wall To Keep Mexicans Out, Study Finds

Smelly Infidel

Don’t Ask: One Year After DADT Repeal Sergeant Major Tells, ‘Still Work To Be Done’

Nick Shafer

Female Marine Charges Obstacle Course With Sexual Harassment

Jake the Rake

Brave Airman Sends Steak Back At DFAC, Fights For Well Cooked Meal


Book Review: Military Thriller ‘Fifty Shades of Green’ Hits Bestseller Lists Worldwide


Air Force begins lobbying for next trillion-dollar flying clusterfuck

Major Psilocybin

Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps placed on Body Composition Program

Jay Hollis

Pentagon officials fear ISIS militants now armed with reflective belts

Lt Hicox

Grim Reaper to dress as Secretary Mattis for Halloween

Angry Staff Officer

DUFFEL BLOG PRESENTS: Jane Austen gives your weekend safety brief

Ricky Recon

Troops Issued New Karzai-Approved Rifle Combat Sights, Engraved ROE

Jim Garamone

Officials Note Progress in Afghanistan, Difficulty for Taliban


Lockheed Upbeat Despite F-35 Losing Dogfight To Red Baron


Space Force now soliciting uniform concepts from industry

Wet N. Sandy

ISIS Threatens Attack On Puppy Bowl


Green Beans Coffee lands $3 billion contract to open 2,000 locations along border

Charlie Foxtrot

Fleshlights Issued To Male Soldiers In Bid To Decrease Combat Zone Pregnancies

Captain Obvious

Retired sergeant major discovers freedom is free


Battalion commander’s list of number one priorities hits 50


Marine Corps adds ‘file to trash bin’ to Command Climate Survey procedures


Marine Killed By Complacency In Afghanistan

Otto Miller

Army To Lower Divorce Rates By Training Soldiers Not To Marry Strippers

Troy Livingston

Army radiologist awarded for spotting softball-size tumor

Dirty Mac

Art Criticism Draws Outrage From Guantanamo Detainees