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Tag: Bagram Air Field

BAGRAM, AFGHANISTAN – In what has been described as the most heart-warming story to come out of Afghanistan since The Kite Runner and Operation Moshtarek, the entire airbase of Bagram recently turned itself into Gotham City for a day to let broadcast journalist Staff Sgt. Jesse Dyer play Batman. Service members throughout the base took […]
BAGRAM AFB, AFGHANISTAN — The first shipment of reinforced golf carts have arrived in theater at Bagram Air Force Base near the Afghan capital of Kabul, sources reported today. “The new G-01F Enhanced Personnel Transporter is the latest addition to our warfighting capabilities here on the ground,” explained Brig. Gen. Daniel Kosciuszko, Commander of Air […]
BAGRAM AIR BASE, AFGHANISTAN — Airmen assigned to the 455th Air Expeditionary Wing recently took time from their busy operational schedule to visit the rock group Nickelback. “It’s really amazing what these men and women are doing,” said logistics officer Maj. William Sonora. “They’re spending their valuable free time for a good cause, and I know […]
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