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Tag: Iraq

MOSUL, Iraq — The Iraqi city of Mosul has been chosen to host this year’s international IED Hide and Seek Games, an event which pits the world’s most violent religious extremists against members of the international community for several weeks of senseless violence. The games, held every year since the beginning of the global war […]
RAQQA, Syria — Amid a rapidly-deteriorating military situation on all fronts, the self-proclaimed Islamic State has released a new video threatening to “release the kraken” against its enemies, sources confirmed today. The video, simultaneously released on social media and the group’s own media platforms, seemed to confirm terrorism analysts’ theory that the group’s ability to deliver unique and […]

ISIS protests public nativity scene

On December 25, 2016
AL QAYYARAH, Iraq — The self-proclaimed Islamic State has voiced criticism of the nativity scene in front of a local burnt out Grand Immaculate Church, sources confirmed today. “We are deeply offended by these kafir displays of idolatry,” spokesman Abu al-Hasan al-Muhajar said in a statement on Sunday. “The traitorous children of the book show no […]
AL UDEID AIR BASE, Qatar — With more than 60 years as a bomber, the Air Force’s B-52s are gearing up to begin touring once again, with many dates already planned this summer in Iraq and Syria. The B-52s have been performing since the 1950s and are considered one of the greatest bombers of all time. They […]
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