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Pentagon Study Finds Beards Directly Related To Combat Effectiveness


TAMPA, Fla. — Forget new gear, weapons, or sophisticated targeting systems. The newest tool coming to combat troops is low-tech: beards. In a report released yesterday, research think-tank Xegis Solutions noted that beards have a direct correlation to combat effectiveness.

“We took 100 soldiers. 25 were Special Forces qualified and had beards, 25 were Special Forces qualified without beards, 25 were regular Army allowed to grow beards for the study, and the last 25 were regular Army without beards. All 100 of these subjects were in direct combat in Afghanistan during the study,” said Jonathon Burns, the lead researcher.

He continued: “Xegis Solutions had several teams of researchers embedded with these troops to make observations on their combat effectiveness. The results were overwhelming. Out of the 50 soldiers with beards, zero were wounded or killed and they had a significantly higher accuracy of fire than the soldiers without beards. The soldiers lacking beards had a higher rate of weapons malfunctions and basically, shit went wrong most of the time.”

Central Command wasted no time establishing a new rule forcing males to grow beards.

“The time has come for the Armed Forces to accept the facts, and the facts are that beards save lives,” Gen. James Mattis, commander of CentCom, said in a statement. “All this time it was speculated that Green Berets were better because of their superior and intensive training while in fact, most of it had to do with beards.”

There’s no doubt that many in the Special Forces community will be angered, but Mattis is convinced.

“It’s settled science. In light of this information we will enforce a rule requiring all males to wear at least one inch of facial hair at all times. Furthermore, any females able to grow facial hair are encouraged to do so as well.”

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  1. Похоже правда,занимаясь историческим фехтованием,почти год,не получил ни одной серьёзной травмы!

  2. I think it depends on the female in question–some women don’t like scratchy dudes. Other women don’t mind it at all.

  3. Lol what, how beard can lead to lack of sex, I am sure that it works in a quite an opposite way

  4. I desperately want to believe your article however is there link between beards = lack of sex? My wife says there is! Whilst recently growing awesome facial hair I too did not get shot, sustain an injury at work nor have any stoppages. However sex did decrease in frequency, would you please investigate and advise me accordingly.

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