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Marine Officer’s Wife Emotionally Disturbed After Being Denied Salute

OKINAWA, JAPAN — Some have remarked that being a Marine Wife is the ‘toughest job in the Corps’, but for one spouse, it’s gotten even tougher. As she recently pulled into the main gate of Camp Foster, Michelle Sully suffered severe emotional distress after Lance Corporal Kevin Hansen failed to render a salute to her vehicle last Thursday.

“It was just so terrible,” said Sully between tears. “I drove my car up to the guardhouse, and after he [Hansen] checked my ID, he just… stood there. No salute, barely even a wave.”

The vehicle in question — a gray Nissan Skyline favored by DoD personnel stationed on Okinawa — was clearly marked, with the blue decal denoting it as an officer’s vehicle prominently placed on the windshield. The vehicle’s bumper also bore several “Marine Officer’s Wife” and “His Boots, Her Sandals” stickers, further solidifying the fact that this vehicle demanded respect.

When questioned about his violation of protocol, Lance Corporal Hansen was apologetic.

“I just don’t know how I could have made such an awful mistake. I’d personally like to apologize to the blue decal for any suffering I may have caused.”

Hansen’s immediate supervisor, Staff Sgt. Eric Doney, is currently contemplating Battalion level non-judicial punishment, and had choice words to say on the matter.

“We MP’s care a lot about the customs and courtesies of the Corps. The dishonor and lack of respect Lance Corporal Hansen showed to that poor little blue decal. It fills me with contempt.”

“Mrs. Lieutenant Sully,” as she demands to be referred to, is currently seeking unspecified damages against Hansen for the emotional distress she experienced. The case is currently pending.

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Trevor Mocha Wilson

Wow what a boring life she must live if she was ’emotionally distressed’ over not being saluted maybe she could be a marine herself and actually earn that instead of just ask to be called “Mrs. Lieutenant Sully,”

Jay Shannon

It is incredible how many of you morons do not know The Duffle Blog is comedy.

Allie Perez

that wife is an idiot and needs to be slapped right across the face.. I’m pretty sure shes not doing half the shit her husband has been doing downrange.

Judith Taggart

How can you read the Duffleblog and not grasp the fact it is satire? Really.

Shellee Arnold

oh jesus…and an LTs wife too.


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