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Pentagon Proposes Controversial Policy Assigning Ranks To Military Spouses


FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — A new policy is currently being considered by the Department of Defense that would assign rank to spouses of military members.

The controversial measure announced yesterday is meant to address disputes and complaints. Problems would be handled between spouses instead of a dependents’ chain of command.

With a system of rank would also come legal doctrine — The Civilian Code of Spousal Justice — to mirror the military’s existing Uniform Code of Military Justice.

The policy discussion comes after a high-profile incident in which a Marine wife was not saluted as she entered her husband’s base, as well as a series of surveys conducted throughout the military to determine major issues plaguing the force. Many commanders described frustrating encounters with military spouses on “an almost daily basis.”

Some of the survey findings were startling, showing commanders finding it increasingly difficult to mediate issues between military spouses. With troop drawdowns and lack of manpower, polls show a force dealing with problems on the homefront even more than military combat.

One survey returned from a Marine platoon commander at Camp Pendleton expressed anger at what he called “dependopotamouses.”

“I can’t handle this anymore. I’m supposed to be a Sniper Platoon Commander, not some lovey dovey, let’s be friends, kumbaya, sit around the camp-fire playing acoustic guitar freak,” said 1st Lt. Nathan Morris. “Shit, no wonder my Scout Snipers are out of control, their spouses drive them insane.”

A company commander with the Army’s 25th Infantry Division told a similar story.

“No shit, there I was, surrounded on all fronts. There had to be at least 25 of em’,'” recalled Capt. Eric Jones. “Hollering their war cries of demands for higher BAH and less field time for their husbands.”

After establishing a focus group of twenty field grade officers, the idea of assigning military spouses’ rank was brought up by Maj. Alex Steen.

“This is a wonderful idea,” Steen said. “Many spouses already seem to act like they wear their sponsors’ rank, so why not just give it to them? This will allow spouses to pull rank when necessary so as to put out of line spouses in their respective place.”

The DoD has proposed ranks be assigned to dependents of sponsors in pay-grades of E-1 through E-9. The spousal rank would also be equivalent to the sponsors’ rank to avoid instances of “pulling rank” on the military sponsor.

Spouse ranks would begin with S-1 (Spouse Recruit) and ascend to S-9 (Chief Master Spouse).

“If only this had been done sooner,” said Ellen Trump, wife of Sgt. Maj. John Trump. “One time I was sitting outside of the PX when this — this Lance Corporal’s wife, tattoo sleeves and all, walks by with her two kids. Doesn’t stop. Doesn’t give the proper greeting of the day. I’ve been married to the Marine Corps for over twenty years! I think she needs to learn who her betters are!”

The new Civilian Code of Spousal Justice will include Articles pertaining to Insubordination, Assaulting or willfully disobeying superior ranked spouses, and Malingering so as to grant authority to the prospective ranks.

The Pentagon has not yet confirmed or denied the possibility of assigning rank to the spouses of officers.

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  1. I have been associated with the military my whole life 41 years now, anyone who thinks being a military souse is hard, I hate to tell you this, its not anyharder than being a single parent, you get up in the morning you face the day and you move on, we deserve no special recognition, if anything our soldiers deserve more for putting up with listening to all the ones who whine and bitch about them being gone, guess what you volunteered for this, grow up drink water and drive on.

  2. I am a woman and have served in the coast guard for over ten years. I am against giving military wives rank. I do not feel they should be treated different because they married someone in the military. I believe they are given a great deal of benefits already including the gi bill now. Also, the branches all show they gratitude for their support and understanding of the job their spouses do. A thank you should be enough unless your just there for the benefits. Also, if you are having trouble with other wives, I suggest handling it how any other wife would outside a military, and leave the drama behind. That causes more issues more than anything.

  3. Why isn’t this article on The Onion or Landover Baptist? There is no way this is a real article. Must be a late April Fools joke, lol.

    • You shouldn’t talk about periods. This is a decent site. You should go somewhere else with your potty mouth.

  4. I feel like this would be a perfect place to Rick Roll someone being as no one pays attention to detail…

    When I was a PFC some woman punked my wife in the Commissary, cutting the line. My wife was caught flabbergasted because we didn’t know the “proper protocol”. If there was an official “Spouse Rank” she wouldn’t have been embarassed to know how it’s supposed to roll…

    [end of sarcasm]

  6. Great idea! I think that the PFT will weed out some of the non-hacking wives and let us real leaders assume control.

  7. *reads most of the comments*


  8. Holy crap, i just spent most of my days work scrolling through this comment thread….couldn’t think of a better way to spend my time. I love it.

  9. Jeez this stuff is crazy. Spousal ranks? Idiocy of the highest caliber if you ask me. First off the military members need to reign in that silly assed attitude their spouses have, they are a spouse and all that entitles sorry but that’s the truth of the matter and that’s all they are. It’s pretty apparent that the officer who came up with this idea can truly be diagnosed with shit for brains.

  10. Hey “overwhelmed commanders”‘ why don’t you do yor job or getting out and get a job working at a fast food restaurant, or do you think you can handle that?!!! Tell your spouse to “shut up” and be a SPOUSE!!! Just when I thought I had heard it all. No wonder we can’t win a war, manpower is being wasted coming up with STUPID policies like this! What a disgrace!

  11. To all the stuck up bitches that think they rate shit from wives and service personel just because their husband has some rank I’m sorry to tell you that you don’t rate shit and I hope you all fucking die for thinking this way you will rate when you go on a deployment and actully do shit instead of harass other people so sincerely fuck you

    • I’m sorry to tell you this is satire and you are a meany-fo-feany… severly maimed in an ironic accident is funny. Dead, now that is just not nice.
      sincerely- no thanks

  12. Hahahahaha I’m sure the Duffel Blog writers write articles just so they can read the expected comments that are even funnier than the article itself. You, sir, are a genius! I only regret that I didn’t think of it first.

    BTW, my wife is always one rank higher than me; I’m afraid I know my place when I come home at night.

  13. I am amazed at how stupid some of the people that comment really are. Do they not take the time to read a few comments before posting. This would certainly help prevent them from looking like complete morons who have no understanding of humor.

    The comment about some ones son being tagged out by the son of a guy 2 ranks lower had me rolling. By far my favorite comment.

    Keep up the good work DB!

  14. Back when I was a 2nd Lt. (pre-Vietnam days) all the senior officers’ wives thought they held their husbands’ ranks, and felt it was their duty to order my wife around.

  15. C’mon guys, stop complainin, the catfights would be fun to watch!

    Could you imagine if evry form of discipline involed a catfight of dome sort?

  16. Wow, what a great Idea! (sarcam intended) Seriously though, had to tow a jet so the pilots name was facing observers at a pilot graduation…..told to tow it by an officers wife.
    Office wife, “You need to move that jet so the pilots name is facing this way.”
    I said “Who the fuck are you?”
    She said, “I am the 308’s commanders wife.”
    I said, “good for you, get him to tell me to tow it, beause you are not in my chain of command!”
    Two minutes later…..LtCol walks up to me,
    LtCol “Hey Sgt Bourland, can you do me a favor? ”
    me dreading this, “What Sir?”
    LtCol said, “My wife is bitching at me and wont stop, can you please tow the jet so the other side is facing us?”
    I look at him like really…….
    LtCol, “I will give you some beer, you know how it is……”
    I said “Yeah I do, get the beer for the guys doing the work…..”
    Long story short, she got her way……Fucking bitch. Don’t get me wrong some officer wives are cool, but 99.9% of them are bitches. . . . Funny that is about the some number of officers who are dicks.

    Thank you Jesus that spouses don’t have any legitiment power! OMFG HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  17. ha, funny shit. I remember getting dropped by the SSgt’s 3 yr old son. It was a long day, he couldn’t pronounce “recover”

  18. To: Those in need of a Clue (Bat)

    Re:Pentagon Proposes Controversial Policy Assigning Ranks To Military Spouses

    1. The stupid, it burns.

    2. Sarcasm is the spice of the US Military. It is mandatory that it be washed down liberally with beer with a raucus sense of humour added for good measure.

    3. This Old Fart retired Gunny now has a Bona Fide reason to view the Internet other than adult orientated websites.


    • Gunny,

      Thanks for your support brother, and I hope we can continue to put more shit on the site that will give you more reason to view the Internet.

      Semper Fi

      John “WTF” Mittle

  19. This is the first time I hear about this. We never have such problems in the air force. We don’t salute people who are not in uniform. And we don’t salute people when we are not wearing our uniform. We have the same customs and courtesy toward civilians but we don’t salute them. The only time you’re assigned a rank is when you are a federal employee working for military. And you still dont get saluted! You don’t get a rank for being a wife so nobody cares about your stupid personal problems w/ someone else’s wife. Stop making the rest of us women look stupid. Some of us actually earn our position and rank in the military!!

  20. This is such BS!!! It’s just a bunch of spoiled brat women getting what they want yet again. I will NOT wear rank under any circumstances! My husbands rank is his own, I did NOT earn it so therefore I will NOT wear it. I dont get up a 0-dark-30 to go to PT, I dont spend anywhere from a week to a month out in the field training away from everyone and everything I love, I don’t get deployed to hellacious places, I didn’t lose a limb or two for my country like my husband did so I WILL NOT wear his rank!! I will stand by him and do my job as I have for nearly 12 years. I am proud to be a SSG’s wife and I will not belittle what he earned. He busted his ass to earn his rank, I did my job as his wife and supported him and I was rewarded and paid with love, my children, a place to live, security and a wonderful marriage. I will not salute a spouse, they do not deserve it, they have not earned it. I will be respectful to all people and will treat them as I want to be treated, but if you think I’m going to salute your spoiled, confrontational, obnoxious self you better rethink yourself, cause you will see yourself cleaning my toes with your tongue before I salute you as a spouse!!

  21. this is the craziest thing ever.
    think of it from my point of view….i’m an E4 in the army. but my husband is the equivalent of an E4 for the navy. but of us did our time. we worked hard to be where we are. and if any wife, or husband for that matter, were to pretend like they could pull rank on another spouse…especially ME….i’d have some choice words.
    Let some self proclaimed wife of a senior enlisted or officer TRY to tell me to respect my betters. unless they are actually higher ranking than me….screw ’em!!!
    that goes the same for any of the other wives i know or see. i better not hear some stay at home wife start to pretend like she is better than anyone just cuz she happened to snag a higher ranking military member!!!

  22. This is the most insane thing I have ever heard. Military spouses are out of control, especially the women. I’m sorry that your little feelings got hurt because no one shows you the respect that you did not honor, your spouse did. Stop trying to run stuff that you have no clue about. The military has enough things to stress them out, it’s your job as spouses to not make it worse by bickering about dumbest things but rather better by rather just standing behind your spouse and keeping your mouth SHUT!!!!!

  23. I know this is satire, but I remember when I was a boot saluting a civilian woman (it actually is a custom and courtesy to do so) and the women were like what the hell and they called me a boot. Jacksonville 10s would be considered 2s or 3s anywhere else.

  24. this is ridiculous. i have to salute those who have earned that respect. Many of these women are nothing more than a baby factory. No jobs. No career. No substantial contribution to society other than a sperm depository for some stressful service member. the day i have to salute a civilian who does not share our duty or obligation is the day i will shoot myself in the mouth. this is the most insane thing i have ever heard. ARMY STRONGMY ASS!

  25. Are you kidding me? There are very few civilians that I am authorized to salute due to their political status. An Officers wife/husband does not deserve the honor of a salute. It’s not a privilege that’s given, it’s earned. The only reason that they should ever be saluted is pulling on a military installation with an Officers sticker. Dealing with spousal/family issues is a matter of the Ombudsman and the Senior Enlisted Leader not to mention base legal, fleet and family support centers, military one source and plenty of other resources that are government sponsored.

  26. I remember when I was publicity chair for an Officer’s Spouses Club. Some of the other board members wanted me kicked off because I didn’t attend board meetings (it wasn’t a requirement). Well, there were a bunch of them acting all snarky and trying to wear their husband’s rank. So, I showed up to a board meeting one day in my uniform (I was a reservist on active duty orders at the time). It was all I could do to restrain myself from telling these women that they needed to shut up in color because there were only two people sitting at the table authorized to wear rank and that was me and the wing commander’s wife, who was a retired O-6. Get a grip ladies!

  27. If spouses want rank then they should join the military plain and simple. Women are allowed to join and many have so if you want the respect of a rank pull you big girl pants on and join.

  28. So just wait until you have to salute a gay ‘spouse’ or lifepartner on BAH or whatever they are going to call them. AND when your spouse is dual military and outranks you. Is she/he supposed to take the spousal bust and be addressed by your rank?
    What BS! I know of a Bde XO’s wife who was the FRG leader in DS. She was so psycho they made him come back and get control of her. What a crock of $hit. Spouse’s don’t sign an enlistment nor is there any way you can make them puinishable, or subject to UCMJ.

  29. LOL!! I love that even though this is a tongue-in-cheek article, all the spouses replying are (well, most of them) stating what a STUPID idea this would be. It makes me proud, yes, proud, of all the spouses who recognize the fact that they did not earn their sponsor’s rank. I have known, very few officer’s wives (two actually) who did “wear” their husband’s rank. They were not well-liked and even spoken to by the CO’s wife on proper behavior. It didn’t work. But anyway….I also know an O-9’s spouse who is the MOST genuine, caring, loving and accepting woman I have ever known. She goes more than the extra mile to be an example to ALL AF servicemembers. She has devoted her life as an AF spouse to the betterment of the AF. My husband was her husband’s command chief and she was ever the epitomy of grace and respect. I appreciated her more than any other woman I came into contact over my husband’s 26 year AF career.
    I remember when my husband was a SSgt and we were stationed at the NATO base in Naples. One of our friends from church was an Army Captain’s wife. She told of going to an Officer’s Wives Club (that’s what they were called then) meeting. The CO’s spouse, who ran the show, asked all the spouses to line up according to their husband’s rank. Our friend refused because she said she had no rank. After the 10-15 minutes it took for the spouses to figure out their “rank” and they had settled into place, the CO’s wife told them they HAD NO RANK and to sit down. I thought it was awesome. I have always treated everyone with the same respect in the military. Regardless of rank, they are sir or ma’am in uniform. They wear the rank, not I.

  30. I’m sorry, but this is ridiculous. I was a military brat for 18 years and I’ve been a military spouse. As far as I’m concerned the military members deserve to be saluted, spouses do not. Even a General’s wife doesn’t deserve to be saluted. Military spouses who think they wear the husband’s ranks are a bunch of divas who use to drive me insane as a military brat, much less a military spouse. I had to sacrifice constantly as a military child, but I still don’t think I should be treated any differently than any other civilian. Those women who demand to be treated like a military member need to get off their high horses.

  31. Hey! What about all the military mistresses! Don’t we get to be saluted, too? I mean, we’re the ones who really service the servicemen, right?

  32. This is just plain stupid. What happens when some Senior’s wife gets cussed out for “pulling rank”? Is the other spouse going to have to clean the senior’s quarters for extra duty. They already think they wear the rank as it is. “Do you know who my husband is?”. And of course this was thought up by Field Grade officers who can’t make a decision because their wives have their balls in a jar in the kitchen counter. It is looking like it is time for me to get out of the military.

      • You obviously haven’t dealt with some military wives. I’m sure there are some wives who would push for this.

    • Relax Francis. I guess you were left holding the door when the Army issued each recruits sense of humor that day.

  33. Hell, lets them the right to write someone up too! Ladies and Gentlemen of the Uniform, theres two words that come into play here. Those words are CIVILIAN (Non-military) and MILITARY (active duty/reserves). Civilians never went through the training, they never went through bootcamp and most of all they did nothing to even deserve a rank of their own. If this goes through the last shreds of tradition and honor that the miltiary had will be ultimately thrown down the scuttle. I dont care if its an Admirals wife or PO1 Smucka-Telly’s wife, I would never salute them, I would never address them as “Sir” or “Ma’am” , I would address them as I would any civilian “Mr. or Mrs.” because that is the proper way of things but I guess they don’t teach that anymore and its definately something you can’t read or learn from a book.
    I guess its getting to be that time where we better start abandoning the ship because at this rate, she’ll sink from underneath us so damned fast they we will all get dragged into the locker with Davy Jones. If I ever ran into somones spouce throwing a fit at me and I was at the guardshack the cuffs would go on in a heartbeat. We are the military, its about damned time we start acting like it. If my ancestor Admiral William McKean could come back he would call all the upper brass “STUPID” for even conceiving such a horrendous idea.
    The stories my grandfather told me about the invasion of Iwo Jima and being one of the first ships to port to Sasebo JP, he told me of what the Navy was like and I took great inspiration from what he told me, When I joined and found out how much different his “Navy” was compared to the here and now “Navy” I was greatly takenaback. Instead of being as resilient and strong as steel as it once was, the military seems to be “Cheap” and “Palpable” not to mention “Flimsy” like that cheap cast metal they call Pewter. Either way, if this does go through I just thank God everyday that my time is almost up, seven years of being the monkey banging the symbols in the parade we call a military has been long enough.

  34. I find it hilrious that commenters here ar actually taking this seriously…lol! The intellectual level of my fellow man has proven once again to disappoint.

  35. I remember way back in my day, our wives had ranks. Unfortunately, it was always 1 rank above yours. If you got promoted, she did too, naturally. This may actually level the playing field!

  36. Are you kidding me? While I completely understand giving respect to people (of any rank or military status), someone’s spouse having “rank” over someone else’s spouse just because the military member has made rank, is ABSURD!

  37. This is an insult to anyone who ever wore a uniform. This must be Obama generated. What has this Military become. OMG have leaders just lost it. A dependent Spouse or whatever you want to call it have no right for any salutes we salute the sticker, I got in trouble once standing gate and failed to salute a spouse but I knew she wasn’t the officer it was worth the ass chewing.
    Retired Msgt

  38. Did they do our training?
    Did they risk their lives for our country like we do?

    To summarize my thoughts before I say something out of sheer disgust for this BS I will say this

    These entitled A-holes expect to wear our ranks and dictate what goes on in our lives both in and out of uniform. The last thing we need is some entitled dumbass spouse (male or female) to open their damn mouth to the wrong person. This all leading to a true major incident where someone is going to get their butt beat or worse.

    Why are these politicians and boot generation of wannabes be allowed to have what we worked so hard to earn and risk losing over someones perception or belief?

    WHY? Do this and DoD is asking for a can of worms that will never end.

    Trying to be PC on this, but WTF did they eat for breakfast? A bowl of retard cereal and a cup of stupid?

    God damn is time to GTFO


    • Too late Mike, you proved you are an ignorant moron, not just an a$$hole. Bravo! You actually accomplished quite a lot with that post!

  39. Wow… it really is true that you can not underestimate the limits of human stupidity.

    Not the article of course, that shit is hilarious! I’m talking about the never-ending comments from these brain-dead mouth breathing fuckwits that can’t recognize satire and sarcasm when they see it. If any of said morons actually read my comment, that means the article is saying things in a serious way that is actually a JOKE.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you for this post! Unfortunately those that need to read AND understand this will be left perplexed and confused!

  40. Wow, reading all these comments make me happy I left the Army. Face it, prolly about half of all military wifes are simple breeders with little or no ambition whose biggest concern is where can they find free child care or other handouts. I find it amusing how many of these women get seriously butt hurt about this article. My wife experienced over 2.5 yrs of me being gone during deployment- not once did I ever hear her mention ‘Army Wife, hardest job in the military’. The fact that many Army spouses are dumb and guillible enough to believe this article further proves my point. To Dufflblog, very well written article- you guys always make my day.

  41. HAHAHAHAHA…. That is some funny stuff. And half the people responding think it is for real. That makes it even more funny to me. I was recalling in my mind as I read this story all of the wives I knew while on active duty that acted like the rank of their husband. Thanks for the good laugh Ranger Up.

  42. This is one of those, “I mean, I guess” situations… Rank for wives… excuse me, spouses? Can any one say Entitled? Salute the spouse? I know it’s hard to sit and not know if your last talk was your last talk. I know raising the kids alone sometimes makes you think, “heck, I’m a single parent”. I get that the waiting and the lonely nights and the never knowing for sure is at best tortured darkness… BUT, seriously? You want a rank? Join along side the spouse that puts his/her life on the actual line. Sounds like a get a hobby to ease your tensions kinda deal. Ranks are earned, so I thought…

    Maybe I just need to know more about it. Seems like trophies for all the players to me though.

  43. Hey in this PC military today anything is possible.I know this is BS story but it is funny. I served in the Navy in the seventies. Even then there were some wives who thought they wore their husband’s rank. We had a new LCDR’s wife who bossed all the other wives including my Ex. At one of the functions our CO’s wife took her aside and told her in no uncertain terms “You just F*** them honey! That’s all. You don’t have their rank!”
    Our CO’s wife was mom to the the crew and their wives. You didn’t mess with mom….

  44. WTF I almost want to barf when I am called by rank. I am retired and on a different path than my military life. I spent 20 years to EARN MY rank Not my wife. I don’t think she would even know how to salute. It takes respect to get respect

  45. This has always been an issue. I have been a military wife for almost 15 years. I for one do NOT think spouses should be given a rank or be able to wear their significant others! I you want to wear a rank then go to boot camp, leave your family for months and sometimes years at a time while living in conditions that are way worse than any prison, miss birthdays an anniversary, holidays and emergencies. Shower in an aluminum box the size of a coffin, share bunk beds or cots stacked 3 high if available but enjoy the bug infested , muddy ground if not. Seriously! This is rediculus!!! Be told who, when, where without explanation and go 2-4 days straight without sleeping at all! My fellow spouses ,please pull your heads put of your butts and realize that your service member makes way more sacrifices than you do!!! Yes, we make our own here on the home front . But we have cozy beds to sleep in, roofs over our heads, food in our stomachs at any time, not just when we are told we can eat and if you are workin through chow time then too bad you have to wait till next chow. As stated before , if you want to wear rank then you yourself join active duty! Don’t be selfish and let your service member wear their rank with pride for all the hard work and hardships they endur durin deployments and tours!

  46. These comments are HIGH-larious!

    1. I’ve actually had a Command Sergeant Major’s wife pull rank on me (I was a Captain at the time)
    2. My dad was an Air Force SP, so he had to go through the whole “why didn’t you salute me?” and “do you know who my husband is?” routine on a weekly if not daily basis.
    3. It really shows how willing people are to believe anything written on the internet. The sheer volume of profanity used in the article alone should have been a clue…but I guess they didn’t catch that part.
    4. Only slightly scarier are the trackbacks that promote the articles as real as well.


    PS- Please don’t EVER put anything on your site that explains it is satire. It is TOO fun watching commentors spaz out!

    • OK, I have to ask; did the military ever require service members to salute civilans/wives in the past? I have never heard of this. And why would a Sergent Major’s wife expect you to salute her (as a captain, didn’t you our rank her…I mean her husband)?

  47. LOL! As the wife of an officer I think this is a wonderful idea! But I hope they make us wear those super comfy uniforms too! (just to be sure we can have our spouses rank insig. on our chest at all time!) OH WAIT! I have a better idea..Lets stop using our own first names too! I mean really if we want to wear our spouses acomplishments why should we even have our own idenities in the first place? Infact, we shouldn’t even be allowed to have careers, educations, or anyother accomplishments of our own anymore! …Hmmm No, maybe I would just prefer to be happy and proud of my husband and respectful of all the people he serves with! (I sometimes think that the women who want to wear their husbands rank just don’t have any accomplishments of their own to be proud of, Just a thought)

  48. As a civilian who has never married a military wife, I must say that the Pentagon is already spending too much money on *Fleshlights. The Pentagon is a member of the military, which means it’s a part of the government, and as such it must be held to strict spending regulations. No more Fleshlights, and no way are we gonna allow money to be spent on rank insignia for military spouses. I have already voiced my concerns to our Congressman. Thank you, Duffelblog, for bringing this potential travesty to light. 😉

    *For those of you who don’t know what a Fleshlight is, it is a scam. These are not lights! There isn’t even a place to put batteries in these things…. except the front. I bought one of these “lights” for each of my kids so they can find their way to the crapper at night while they’re at summer camp. I was ripped off. Don’t let the same thing happen to you.

  49. Today’s word is SATIRE /ˈsætaɪər/

    1. the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc.
    2. a literary composition, in verse or prose, in which human folly and vice are held up to scorn, derision, or ridicule.
    3. a literary genre comprising such compositions.

    • Nice try, but if the majority were too stupid to get this site is pure satire from reading the article then you may have just muddied the waters even further…

  50. When your wife goes through the hell I went through just to wear my uniform and rank, I will then give the respect. I can careless who you are married to or what his/her rank is, I only respect the men and women who are actually responsible for defending this country and thats not you just because you married a Soldier, your job is to support him and honor the same as other people in this world would. And to the DOD what the F*&^ are you people thinking letting military spouses abuse their husbands rank. So disappointed in our Military! Gald I”m out. AND I will not give respect to any military spouse while I’m on POST/BASE, my husband gave a lung for this country and has more entitlement to his benefits than any Military Spouse. All of you can kiss my A** if you want respect from me. And the only thing the post commander can do to me is try and take my benefits from me. How sad would that be knowing my husband is a 100% disabled vet! Bring it on!

  51. This is outragoues!I dont think us military wives, should wear our husbands rank, there is to much drama to pull that card. So many inmature spouses that will milk this, cause they have nothing better to do than find a way to expect and demand all the greeting and saluting.
    We have not gone through boot camp, training, and deployments along with all the stress (life and death situations)that are men have gone through. They have sweated, fought,and gave their lives to earn their rank and show what kind of Marine, Soldier, Sailor and Air Men they have become! Clearly the rank should go to the military men Only.
    Yes it is Great to get the acknowledgment,appreciation, and recognition
    from our spouse or even others every once in a while, but not to demand it or expect it.
    When you married your spouse thats “in the military”, that is when you should of known what kind of situation you are getting into, Hard Work and Sacrifics!!
    I will be dame if I ever see my husband that has fought in Iraq several times, giving his life and leaving our family behind, to salute or give respect to a female that has done None or even close to what my husband has gone through. That is insane!!
    And another thing, I will be dame as well to give a proper greeting to another wife! I did not enlist in the military, did not go through boot camp to acknowledge another woman at the commissary, cause she thinks she deserves it. I recall we all do the samething as spouses, cook, clean, take care of our families and most of the time wait on our spouse to come home. So I dont know where, this “one is better than others, cause my husbands rank is higher rank than yours”!
    I feel those wives that demand the respect GO to Boot Camp, EARN IT!! You literaly do not put yourself on the line and fight for our Freedom, your husband does and I do Respect Him for it!
    I pray this does Not get approved!

    A SGT’s Wife

  52. This is such a joke. First and foremost. Spouses did not sign the dotted lines. The service member did. They cannot be brought up on any sort of charges unless they are civilian. Secondly, why are we wasting money on this. The military is talking about how there is no money and that they need to force service members out. Yet this is at the pentagon. I am so ready to ETS. I cannot stand any of these new rules and regulations that are being forced in and wasting the taxpayers money.

  53. Wake up it is a joke!!! It is sad to see that spouses have nothing better to do but troll online and wait to go off the deep end!

  54. LMAO!!! Are people that dumb they can’t even tell this is a joke. You people need to climb out from under your rocks. Your embarrassing yourselves! NM climb back under it!

  55. You gotta be freaking kidding me!!! As a active duty female and a wife of active duty I say who the hell are these women to “pull rank”!!! I’m am happy so many have spouses to support them but to assume they need the same clout as there active duty counter part jeez! I don’t see male dependents asking for this always gotta be a woman and I can say this because I am one….

  56. Yeah does that mean u are finally “issuing my Soldier a spouse? If I am expected to deal with regulations and responsibilities that come with my “rank” it better come with a pay check to match that rank, heck yeah bring it on……we good spouses who did things because it was right without wearing our husbands rank and tried to prevent others from doing the same, well u just ruined that…can’t wait to see how this works out for ya

  57. You have to be kidding right? Having been on both sides… spouses would be even more out of control than they are now. I hope this is a joke…

  58. This is total bull shit. My husband busted his ass to earn his rank and I held his hand through it but at the end of the day it belongs to him not me . If this passes I can only imagine what assholes some of the others would be ! Not looking forward to it

  59. The only thing i have to say is that spouses do deserve respect for that their significant other goes through, but if you want the rank then join. Next thing you know is that the spouses will want to be paid for being a spouse. I am the only income and my wife is a stay at home mom but she dont expect to have rank pulled on her by a civilian when in the px or what have you.

  60. Let some wife try to “pull rank” on me. I’d slap the dumb hitch, my husband is in the military not me. I refuseto salute or make some upper ranking officers wife feel better than she is. Fuck that

  61. This is so funny no spouse wears there spouses rank, we all ready have wife’s that run around talking junk and telling people that there husband is a 1SGT our spouse should never be giving the ranks that we worked so hard for to many power trips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$$$$$

  62. Great idea! Can we also apply this to military pets because the cat next door shows no respect for my dog and I got lots more stripes than the stupid cat’s owner!

    And let’s take a hard look at second cousins twice removed while we’re at it!

  63. I’m at lost of words and disgusted at medically retired sgt ive never felt this disrespected. My wife just joined the military she is in I’m a civilian now so i don’t have rank nand will not accept this spouse rank stuff.

  64. Hell no! I am married to an E7 and think this is bull sh*t if the spouse wants rank enlist in the military!

  65. Are you kidding me? To all spouses learn this no one cares who your husband or wife is you are a civilian learn your place and stfu you don’t have a rank and you don’t need a rank you don’t need to talk to the Co we have ombudsmen for that you do not warrent a salute or any of the authority of your spouse. If you want all of that sign up and earn that respect for yourself.

  66. You tell spouses they don’t wear their soldiers rank. Now you want to give them that. Can we say too far & major problems would follow!

  67. Haha this is funny…and even that some people believe it lol awesome thanks for the laugh

  68. ok so then propose the spouses go through the same required training as an officer/non-commissioned officer would go through otherwise your slapping the soldiers who have attained their positions throughout years of dedication and selfless service possibly even deployments into very hostile territory …i for one will not take any order from a civilian spouse so go ahead and hand me my discharge now..had the colonel’s wife try and boss us around when i was at ft Knox and nco’s stuck up for us and put her in her place…

  69. Sounds to me like someone’s wife needs to get a job. If anyone thinks they are going to get my wife to give them the proper greeting of the day, they can go pound sand. If spouses want rank, they should go to boot camp, earn their eagle globe and anchor, and gain their respect just like their sponsors do.

  70. I think that this is completely ridiculous. There is no reason to even entertain this. The spouses do bot need rank that is just going to lead to more of a head ache. This sounds lime to me a buch of senior spouses that want more attention that already try to pull rank and some of these higher ranking spouse do not need any more power than what they think they have. That ro me takes away junior enlisted soldiers spouse’s freedom of speech. I just completely disagree with any of this and would not accept a rank if they tried to give it to me.

  71. If this ever passes I’m geting the hell out. Last time I checked it was the service member who earned their rank, and all that comes with it. Not the spouse, they haven’t earned anything, it doesn’t matter who they are married to or for how long. They should know how hard our job is already without them adding to the drama, if they can’t handle long deployments or their spouse always being gone, then there is the door! That’s is part of OUR job, what WE signed up for, and what WE have earned as the SERVICE MEMBER! Make them take a class to learn their place and role as a spouse, I they want the same respect as the member, then they should join.

  72. Better be a bad joke – not a suggested policy. Too much already of Battalion Commander and CSM’s wives running Family Support programs, etc..

  73. I don’t know what is funnier – the article or all the servicembers and spouses getting their panties in a wad. Thank you for the extreme laugh!

  74. I personally think this is a good idea!!! This will save so much hassle trying to get our wives to play nice at family readiness functions. My wife as been with me since Grenada and she deserves every bit of respect I do. She shined my boots when I was too exhausted from an FTX and she packed me PB&J so I didn’t have to eat at the DFAC. hell, she even had her friend help take the nudies she sent during OIF. I salute her every day! These new pesky army wives with no deployments need to learn their places. I’m side any avid reader of the duffleblog would agree 🙂

  75. I personally think this is a good idea!!! This will save so much hassle trying to get our wives to play nice at family readiness functions. My wife as been with me since Grenada and she deserves every bit of respect I do. She shined my boots when I was too exhausted from an FTX and she packed me PB&J so I didn’t have to eat at the DFAC. hell, she even had her friend help take the nudies she sent during OIF. I salute her every day! These new pesky army wives with no deployments need to learn their places.

  76. NO, NO, NO, and again NO!!!!

    I understand spouses have it rough but we enlisted guys have to bust our hump on a daily basis. We’re the ones that deal with the elements, attitudes, and the harshness of combat. We work hard for our rank and it means something to us. Spouses don’t need to salute anyone…EVER! They’re spouses. They don’t get out of bed at the crack of dawn to put on a uniform and go do PT, nor do they have our training and skill sets. This is bull to the Nth degree. I bet some generals wife didn’t get recognized somewhere and got all butt hurt…screw her…her husband worked for his rank…she was just along for the ride. I told my wife when I got in that my rank is not her rank and I meant it. Idiots!

  77. Duffel Blog, this one article earns you the Trollface Award of the Year, wear the troll mask proudly.

  78. Bwahahahah, I agree and they should attend some sort of training to solidify thier place in thay structure, but they should start on the bottom and work up from there. Wait that would make yhe actualy in the service. Who we kidding, stfu you snobby bitches, if you want the respect join and live as we do or else stay in tour lane.

  79. You have got to be effing kidding!!!! I respect the unofficial title of “Household Six” and the job that most military spouses do, being a single parent during deployments, etc. BUT….. they are NOT military members!!! God bless the spouses, but giving them “rank” officially is a worse idea than giving all soldiers a beret, they never earned.

  80. This is completely ridiculous!

    There is no distinction between officer and enlisted spouses! How in the hell is anyone supposed to know that my wife Muffin is the wife of a 2lt? There should be some way of telling maybe the rank insignia needs to be gold for officers spouses…..

  81. Really?! Wives or should I say Dependents male or female doesn’t rate a rank structure if you want a rank sign up! As far as the lowly LCpl wife as was stated by the SgtMaj’s dependent wife are you kidding me? You were not not never in the military and your husband didnt graduate boot camp a SgtMaj so how dare you look down on anyone that is of lesser rank they just have not been in as long as your husband that doesn’t make them lesser human beings! That is exactly why spouses should not ever be assigned a so called rank. You would have a bunch of spouses fist fighting because quite frankly you didnt do anything to deserve it! In closing you want a rank? Sign up, if you don’t want to sign up, shut up!

  82. This shit HAS to be a joke. This is a terrible idea! These people think there’s drama now? A woman like my wife would NEVER let some random Moody female run over her because of some bullshit “rank”! Don’t do it, this has WW3 written all over it.

  83. It seems to me that any spouse who posted their husbands rank in their comment are one of two things, possibly both:

    A) the first one to be in line to sign up for their rank

    B) completely retarded for not realizing this is a joke.

    I think TDB is going to have a hard timetopping this one.

  84. Hahahaha… I hope that these people posting comments know that this is just a joke. The expressed opinions on things are interesting, however, please indicate that you acknowledge the fact that this is just a funny joke.

  85. If you damn whiny spouses want the respect and rank join the military like us women (or men) who have a pair did, don’t live off your spouses ranks like a bunch of bitches!

  86. I’m outraged! Why has no one come out in the comments to support this noble proposal???!!! Unite all you entitled military spouses and get this bill through because you deserve it–we are the silent majority and need to mobilize!

  87. This is crap we are wife’s not the military the military member & there are more important issues to deal with then giving ranks to spouse’s. And who cares if a spouse gets recognized and I would like to know what a person with tattoos has to be added to the marine corps wife’s comment. This is all bullshit & hope it doesn’t pass.

  88. Pretty much the DUMBEST fucking thing I have ever heard! Military members need to control their spouses (Male or Female) and make them understand that we do not do this for recognition. Who gives a shit if they don’t get saluted! My wife for one will not partake in such stupidity!

  89. All I can say for my fellow spouses who are about to combust because of this article, relax, grow a sense of humor. No active duty member would ever say “dependopotamouses” in a REAL interview. This is a satire site, a joke, funny, ha ha, not real, entertainment etc. Though I have to say, the reactions are pretty darned entertaining too….

    • I would say that I usedtawouldn’t, but after reading it, it is going into my vocabulary. That’s funny right there! The difference between and Air Force wife and an Army wife? 15 pounds.

  90. Wow this is ridiculous, I get the concept but seriously? We didn’t join the military we married the man we love and now they want to give us rank, based on what? Are they going to give us spousal training and then take into consideration time in grade, give us boards and then determine if we get a promotion? There is going to be conflict, that’s life, it’s like that in the civilian world they just don’t have someone right there to bitch at, if anything this would make it worse.

  91. I would be frightened to see the reaction of most the commentariat should they ever be exposed to Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” or similar satire.

  92. Totally rediculous. The wife of a Marine is a hard job but we are aware of that. Our men and women of the armed forces deserve to be saluted and must salute, thats not for spouses!! We are still civilian. I think women who think they need respect for the job of there husbands should go to bootcamp and sign up then! This is not a good idea!

  93. This is hilarious! What’s even more funny is all the gullible people who actually believe this is an actual article. There seem to be many people who need to take advantage of the mental health services available aboard their respective installatons. By the way, there was a tradition of Marines manning the gates, then they were predominantly male Marines, on Marine Corps bases of saluting all unaccompanied women in vehicles as they arrive at the gate. It had nothing to do with rank, just a courtesy rendered, akin to opening a door for a lady. With the change to a civilian police force, and generational and societal changes, it has been slowly fading away as time passes.

  94. As a military wife of over 16 years, you do tend to see a lot of stupid behavior. It doesn’t matter what the husbands rank, rate or time of service. Stupid exists everywhere, including officers spouses. You do not wear your husbands rank no matter what it may be. They worked for their rank, you did not. You deserve respect only for putting up with the long deployments and keeping the household together while they serve. Sleeping with a military members does not mean their rank slides in to your body during the process. I am myself and I am as good as any officers wife, or even officers themselves and no better than a recently enlisteds spouse either. I demand respect simply because I am me! My husband may have to salute others. But I do not. I can choose the people I show respect too. I choose to respect the good caring people you run across instead of scumbags and rank wearing spouses. There are many who find the kind of people in this article offensive. There are good people everywhere in the military and I am blessed to have friends from all ranks.
    I also am not one of the people who believe the navy should consider my needs first. That is just stupid. You married a military man. Suck it up and move on! Keep the house running while he is away, be happy he comes home. Did you not know he was in the military when you got married? Did you not know what that entailed? My husband has been away from me for almost 14 months and just wrote to let me know he wouldnt get time off when he got home. Am i running to the command to complain? No! I figure there is a reason and he will explain when he gets home. I am a miltary wife. Maybe the military member should explain to their spouses the military is trying to downsize… Be greatfull she still has a husband with a job. I am!

  95. Bahahahhaha really? REALLY?!? How dumb do you have to be to comment on this as a serious subject? It worries me that some of you are taking this seriously and our national security is in your hands…lighten up people it’s a joke and your on a satirical website or wait….did you think this was a real news site? Hahahahaha

  96. So spouses want rank for sitting at home doing nothing but watching tv and sleeping in and taking care of their kids. I have 2 kids and it’s not hard. And going to Walmart and the malls blowing their husbands pay check and deployment money gtfo.

  97. I will most definetly not salute a freaking civilian. Also, if my wife tried to pull that crap on anyone, I would lose my mind.

  98. Little does anyone realize, but spouses already out rank out soldiers. We are civilians. Bottom line. And the wives get WAYYY too petty and entitled. There would be bitchy shows of dominance every time you turn around! This is a bad idea! Pay a little more attention to the spouses complaints and gossip as the sponsor. You will hear about it all. And to Ellen Trump. Who her betters are? Piss on that. Who your husband is does not make you “bettter” than anyone else! Her off your self given pedistool. This is exactly what I am talking about. She thinks because of who she is married to, that she is better than other people. Wrong! Maybe she didn’t greet you because your a stuffy bitch? Her tattoos make no difference on what kind of person she is either. If she was black would you have been sure to mention that in your comment? I simply won’t like judgmental people. Get over yourself. The spouses will never ever show respect to people they think are “out to get them”. There is enough of that shit in the military already. Giving rank to spouses will just increase that tenfold. Get a clue.

  99. This is crazy! These wives aren’t in the military and don’t deserve any rank. I certainly will never salute a wife of an officer!!

  100. This is a horrible idea! I am a military spouse and prior active duty in the Navy I don’t want a rank. If you are not the active duty military member you do not need a rank. I have had to handle wives like these when I was Ombudsman. They need to learn this is their active duty spouses job and they get the salutes not them. Just because the sticker is on the car does not mean you wear the rank. If you want to be saluted then join the military and earn it just like you spouse did. It not given right for you they worked hard for their rank and do not need you leasing it thinking you are untitled to something. If there are more spouses complaining about things the officers do not need to be taking care of more Ombudsman’s or Key Spouses need to be put in the volunteer spot to handle it. That’s what the position is meant for to help spouses underdstand the military way and help out with anything wale so the command and the active duty member can do their jobs. So please don’tgive spouses rank because that will be opening up a whole new can of worms! Teach them the right way to do things.

  101. This is retarded. The spouses thank think they deserve some kind of greetings and that other spouses owe them something is effin stupid. The one about the girl with tattoo sleeves and all!! Wtf!! Who cares and you the SgtsMaj wife doesn’t rate a greeting. This is going to get really stupid. I propose that the military members get a hold of their spouse and teach them how to act. Oh yeah, the sticker does rate a salute but sometimes people don’t salute the spouse. Probably an isolated incident and now we are going to change the code of military justice for this!! We already have enough stuff going on with all the debt, wars, and military members going their lives everyday…now we need to waste manpower and money on something so stupid. Can’t we focus our efforts on something better????

  102. Fuck that shot! My husbands military mot me and I’ll be damned if I ever do any of this shit!

  103. This is nuts. Some spouses would not have the discipline to handle this without going to bootcamp or some type of training. In the article the marine spouse said something to the affect of a corporal tattooed sleeved wife not honoring her betters. First of all tattoos have nothing to do with cause she is a civilian and second she is profiling just because of looks she automatically thinks she is trash. If it is true and i dont think it is. The military would have to do some serious thinking because this will get out of control.

  104. Was marry the man I love i may have married military but unlike the men and women that singed that contract to protect this country a spouse can leave anytime they feel it nessicary yes granted it would make it easier to shut some outline spouse up this would be uncalled for. And yes I know its a fake article but just expressing my opinion on the matter anyway. Signed an army wife (key word wife not soldier)

  105. Ok as far as this woman being mad that she was not saluted it’s like this YOUR HUSBAND IS IN NOT YOU HE SIGNED THAT CONTRACT NOT YOU HE RISKS HIS LIFE NIT YOU. Yes you are married to him and you may have more time dealing with the military but in no way shape or form have you earned the right to be saluted!!!! I don’t care if my husband stays in for 40 years I don’t want some wife saluting me cause all I did q

  106. To Ellen Trump…who do you think you are?!?! you have some nerve wearing your husbands rank! Sorry all gloves are off and I will speak freely and speak frankly whether you like it or not! What gives you the right to wear your husbands rank and demand other wives to salute you? They don’t know who you are and quite frankly don’t give a fck who you are, doesn’t matter if they have tattoos, she doesn’t know you and quite frankly I wouldn’t want to know you! I don’t care what branch of service your husband is in but let me say this…my husband is an Army SGM with 31 1/2 yrs of service and we’ve been married for 25 years so a lot longer than you and as the old Army saying…”If the Army wanted you to have a wife they would have issued you one” so adhere to that of all branches. My husband had his career before he met me, he made his career, I didn’t and neither did you so get the fuck over it and move on and let these wives stand by and support their husband as should you…and keep your mouth shut!

    • Sheila you are so quick to throw your hubby’s rank around and you talk about me! Maybe you were the ugly woman with all of the ugly tats.

  107. This is freaking ludicrous! I wil not, I say again, will not, salute some civvie, regardless of who their spouse is…, you want that honor then put on a pair of boots and earn it. This is is despicable and lazy, handle the problem, don’t let the problem handle you!

  108. This is ridiculous. This gives some spouses even more of a reason to be self righteous and have a holier than thou attitude. “Do you know who my husband is?” No biitch and I don’t care. I don’t work for him I’m just trying to get my groceries. Your husband could be the president. I don’t care. It doesn’t make a damn difference to me.

  109. I am an army wife and proud to say so….and I DON’T think that the spouses of any military service member should be giving their soldiers rank….because the soldier is the one that earned the right to wear said rank NOT the spouse….not only that there are some spouses who will become power hungry which WILL NOT be a good thing for anyone….and to the spouses who are demanding more money that should have married some rich and famous person instead of a soldier….money is not everything people…..and to the spouses who don’t like what I have said yall can just get over yourselves…MILITARY SPOUSES DO NOT NEED TO BE GIVIN ANY RANK OR TITLE OTHER THAN “MILITARY SPOUSE”….

  110. This is ridiculous!! I am a military spouse of 15 years. I have never once gone to my husbands command for any reason. This is another case of military wives all being grouped together because of some who feel entitled and who have no pride in the Marine Corps. I do not wear my husband’s rank! I also do not take shit from officers wives who feel they don’t have to earn respect. I will not greet you just because of your husbands rank. I will greet you because you are walking by me regardless of your husbands rank. Some may choose to live in their husbands shadow, but not all of us. Don’t group us together!

    • AMEN! That crap gets old. I am tired of being lumped into the ungrateful, sits at home eating bon-bons popping out babies group of military wives. They are out there, but they aren’t the ONLY military wives for heavens sake. I happen to work full time, have two kids I am primary caregiver to, and if you’re placing us on an even surface I “outrank” my husband in terms of pay and benefits, but I still defer to him for ALL things military because that is HIS career, not mine. I have never taken anything to the command as our private lives are NONE of their concern.

  111. Ps… Ladies. If your husband was a civilian he would probably get fired if he went home from his job just because you are upset with his hours or you are lonely or if he had to take time to talk to you about every little thing. Just sayin. Maybe think about that next time you bitch about things.

  112. This is dumb! This is not going to work because the spouses are not going to care. Hell half the active duty doesn’t care. As a wife I do not call my husband at his shop I do not call his cell or even txt unless it’s a family emergency. Why punish all military wives just because some are crazy. On the other hand maybe it will teach some to be more respectful. But i doubt it..In the world any more I see them using it against the ” lower class” and causing more of a issue with the ” do you know who my husband is” bull. News flash. You did not take the tests you did not go to boot camp you did not sware in you do not have to do the jobs that your spouse has to deal with. So shut up! My job as a wife and a mother is to make my family happy and healthy. And to support my husband Not to sit there and pick a fight with my husbands higher ups. No I don’t want to see this go into affect because again I did not sware in I did not take the tests i dont do his job I do not get meddle if I do something brave or good. So I do not think I should have to answer to any ” higher ranking” house wife.

  113. This is stupid, as former Ssgt of the AF this is just showing how petty spouses can be. If these so called ranks gt assigned then all laws of the UCMJ should Apply such as fraternization, adultery you know since I have seen my fair share of this while on my 10 yrs of AD( loss I rank and then depending on the situation discharge),which I do not see happening since the spouses were not the ones who name was signed on the dotted line. Also if all this goes they should be required to do all annual trainings, PT, and all necessary backround checks( since some marry non U.S citizens) which in turn should affect any future assignments. In all these so called high and mighty spouses just need to shut the fuck up or sign on the dotted line and become an active duty member them selves if they crave the need to be respected, saluted, or overall recognized. Never once did my spouse go hey since you a Ssgt let me go Around telling the airmans wives that there wrong for doing what ever the hell it is that the find deemingly wrong to correct. It is the DoD’s responsability to say who goes, where you go, and how long you stay not some super co-dependant spouse who gets lonely at night. Besides how the hell is one spouse to know what rank of the actual AD member, yet try to determine some civilian spouse’s. Besides who is to tell what I e spouse is going through maybe the one woman who was tatted up with her two kids is probably paying more attention to her children the worrying about deciphering what rank these dependants spouses are and if so they are not granted a salute or any other recognition just because they married an officer, only when driving through the gates when an officer’s car is waved through so who ever twisted the idea of an officers car gets saluted not the actual individual driving. Besides you give these specific controls to dependants what next, now my dog can shit on your lawn cause I out rank you so therefore it is ok. Seriously its reasons like these which help me decided to separate under my own will because I saw that the DoD was becoming to concerned about irrelevant issues like these. An absolute waste of time, money, and just total ignorance.

    • Which is actually a good thing, because in a related article, the US is looking for volunteers to begin populating a moon colony. You may be in luck!



  115. This is not real people! But it sure is funny to see some of my fellow spouses getting their panties in a bunch. Relax ladies, learn to take things in stride or you’ll age yourself prematurely.

    • Exactly, just relax and let it happen… Hear this all the time. It hurts at first, but you get used to it.

  116. This is by far an absurd bill. I am a wife of a Lcpl. In the Marine Corps, I don’t care if you are the Sgt. Majors’s wife or the Commanding generals wife or a privates wife, you did not earn the title you should not be given rank. I hate when people pull rank. Doesn’t Congress have better thngs to do to accommodate the actual MEMBERS of the Military?? Deny this bill because it will not solve anything just cause more drama

  117. Are there various greetings for the different day? I need to know so I can make sure the other wives greet me appropriately.

  118. That Sgt Maj’s wife needs to keep her mouth shut. As it stands now, wifes don’t hold rank, therefore she doesn’t deserve the propped greeting of the day. I’m a Lcpl and would have no problem talkin to a Sgt Maj about his wifes attitude towards my wife.

  119. Are you serious? WTF! I dnt give a shit what rank your husband is, shit how about the middle finger for your ass! And a “wat the fuck are u looking at” for a greeting! And i do have a full sleeve and i dnt give a shit wat people think of it. Im a contractor on post and i dnt go around acting like im in the military, my husband is! Even though i am a Vet i just sit back and laugh at these spouses that try to wear their husband’s rank! Get a life or a job! And stop getting all dressed up like if u bout go hit the club, when you’re just going to the food court between 1130-1300! We should b enforcing the dresscode for some of these females!

  120. They’re married to the service, they don’t earn rank. Thanks for supporting us, but this is just more stuff we get to hear about while we’re gone. Wives pulling rank in base housing and the px! No thanks, they’ll be fine.

  121. Comments are better than the article! I can’t believe people think this is real.

  122. This is honestly one of the most ridicious things I have ever heard. It is hard enough that my husband must bite his tongue at work and that he must abide by some of the rules he does because he signed up to abide by those rules. That is fine. But as a marine spouse I agreed to support my husband and stand by him. Not to be looked down on like I am less of a person because my husband only hold the rank of Sgt. I have made many marine wife friends, from several different ranks. This new rule would only give wife’s the power trip that they don’t deserve. Just because you are married to a higher ranking person does not mean you are capable of holding the authority of that rank. I believe wife’s should be there as friends and a support group, regardless of rank. It shouldn’t turn into a power trip frenzy for wife’s to lose there mind over another wife telling them to screw off. Our husbands signed the contract to abide by the rules of there chain of command. The only approval authority I need to live my life as a military spouse will be my husband. Trust in your family readiness officer, they are trained for a reason, and let’s stop trying to put this stupid rule into affect it is allot like the key wives, and everyone knows how much drama that was.
    Meghan Bates,

    • I would choke out my FRG rep if I thought I could get away with it. She was baaaaaaad.

  123. I laughed so hard I nearly peed my pants! But then I read the comments…. I had no idea our elite 21st century military family could be so obtuse. Its FAKE NEWS people!!!! It’s fun, don’t take it so seriously.

    • NO! You shuddup and VIRTUALLY SALUTE ME! It’s REAL! I will call my husband’s COC right now and tell them if you don’t!

      • Amen!, and don’t forget I outrank you, cause I have a (P). These comments are kicking serious ass. I came for the article, but stayed for the comments. Too funny.

  124. Let those who took the oath wear the rank not the spouses. What are you gonna do, issue us uniforms and give us our orders as well. This is stupid. When It comes to spouses I respect the person not the rank. If they wear the uniform I do respect the rank and their spouses to some degree but don’t throw your husband’s rank in my face. He earned his. These spouses need to get a grip and let their spouses do the job they need to. If their is a true issue, there are channels that we can use. That’s what IG and Jag are for. Read your spouse’s pledge and if you can’t handle it don’t marry into the military. Leave the rank system where it belongs, on those who fight the real wars.

  125. Seriously, the amount of mental midgets posting on here thinking this is real is fucking embarrassing. Stop. Just stop. You’re making the rest of us associated with the military look really, really bad. Fucking morons.

  126. See this is why the military keeps getting worse these dumbass officers and senior enlisted just think of retarded shit with the absence of common sense. If half of them actually did work and cared about the soldiers instead of pretend to things would be so much better. Hell draw down they don’t need one with all the favoritism and wasted time standing around only to come up with dumb shit like this. That’s why soldiers are getting out things are changing too many times but things are getting worse.

  127. Are you fucken serious unless you know someone you don’t what their husband rank is! I’m not going to walk about with my husband rank on my ass just so people can salute me grow up ladies your husband is serving not you!

  128. This is so stupid! I did my time in the military AND as a spouse and still goin- ill be damned if some 18 year old or 45 year old female demands me to respect her by this- that’s so pathetic!

  129. I’m an army spouse and this is the most ridiculous think I have ever heard!We do not earn rank our spouses earn rank. yes we give encouraging words and help with motivation but isn’t that what would happen in the civilian world as well? This is going to cause more problems since the civilian spouses are already throwing around rank in some areas to get farther in line at the commissary. How will we even know who would have the higher rank? We don’t wear uniforms we wear civilians. I mean you don’t see officers being saluted when they are in their civilians no one even notices them and we just continue on with business. As far as walking into buildings without greeting everyone in site again does not happen in the civilian world so why should it happen on base? To the lady quoted in the article when she was talking about the lady with the tattooed sleeves, just because she has tattoos doesn’t make you better than her. She can express herself however she wants since its a free country. If it passes I’m not going to follow it, I mean what can they do to us? they can’t take the privileges which we get from our soldiers, and they can’t kick us off base since in some areas the lower enlisted are still supposed to live on base. As far as spouses making demands to the soldiers chain of command who in their right mind are they? We are supposed to be working together with our spouses not driving them up the wall with petty drama about how a private’s wife cut her off from a parking space or how she took the last bag of chips. What about all the drama queens which have to have their way and want to complain about everyone? This was stared because of them and now they want to empower them even more? Lets step back and look at how much more chaos this will cause in the long run when a SGT. Major’s wife wants to pull rank on a Captain when just because they are both in civilians and he ticks her off somehow.

  130. Absolutely not. I am not a soldier I married on. I don’t have to recognize nobody’s wife. I CAN’T BELEIVE THIS IS EVEN BEING CONSIDERED. I ALREADY DEAL WITH ENOUGH CRAP I HAVE TO DEAL WITH SOME STUCK UP THINK SHE BETTER THAN EVERYBODY SPOUSE. I CAME TO AMERICA FOR FREEDOM NOT TO BE UNDERSUBJECTION. GET A CLUE PEOPLE IT’S NOT THAT SERIOUS. This is insane. That spouse who judged the lower ranking soldiered spouse by calling her tattooed and all is just giving us a glimpse of the kind of person she is a the judgement spouses would have to face by people like her. When they put md on payroll they can suggest who I am subordinate to otherwise as a nurse I only answer to my boss for now. You guys are insane.

  131. I am an Army Spouse and I think this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard! Seriously just because you are married to a soldier doesn’t mean you earn rank THEY earn their rank for themselves. Yes sometimes we have to help with encouraging words and help build motivation but isn’t that what would happen in the civilian life as well? If this passes I think it will cause even more problems since in some places women are already pulling their husband’s rank to get further in line at the commissary. Not to mention we wear civilians not uniforms how are we supposed to know who is the higher rank? I’m sorry but why do we have to greet everyone when we walk into a building on post? sometimes we are just focused and aren’t paying attention to those around us. the lady in the article who was talking about the woman with tattooed sleeves just because she has her own creative will and wants to express herself however she wants doesn’t make you better than she is. No I don’t have any tattoos but it is her decision not yours. If this passes I will be insubordinate since I’m not going to acknowledge the civilian’s rank. What will be the punishment? they aren’t able to do anything. Our spouses who are in the military are who we receive our benefits from. We can’t be kicked off base since in some places it is required for the lower enlisted to live on base.

  132. This is a fake article! I can’t believe so many of you think this is a real article and that they would actually consider this. You must be a fool to think this is real. Do you not realize what kind of website you are on??? We have some bright folks out there!

  133. I totally earned his rank. Do you know how many years I have spent blowing and kissing the feet of a military hero?! It’s like, a lot of years. I service a serviceman! I deserve some fucking respect! When I come through the gates, I want to hear, “Blowjob well done, Sgt!”

  134. I am an Army wife of 13 years. We have done 5 12 month deployments with the 101st in a 9 year period. Never, not once have I questioned anyone’s authority, been disrespectful to any service member or their family. I personally stayed away from FRG functions for this reason. Ladies and gentlemen, your spouse has earned that rank, not you!!!!! You have not been shot at, been rationed water, been caught in a sandstorm from hell, had to go months without seeing your children, have to live with the nightmares of choices you had to make during wartime. I mean seriously, we had a roof over our heads, food on the tables, our children. I am not the wife that goes home during the deployments, I am the wife that stays put and keeps things going at home. He left from that location so that is where I am staying because that is where they will bring him back to. Some people just have way too much time on their hands I swear. I don’t want rank, if I did I would have joined the military. I don’t want people to think they are less than me, wtf!!!! Just grow up and respect those around you. I have seen these spouse issues and they are ridiculous. Anyone would think these people are still in middle school. Being a military spouse is hard, really hard. You are a married, single parent. The military comes first with your spouse as it should. How about all that energy you are wasting with your spouses chain of command, or other spouses, how about you put that energy into taking care of your children, your home, your service member. I mean, wow, I can’t even believe they are even considering this. Lower enlisted spouses, it sucks. No money, spouse is always gone, your young, this is not what you thought it would be. Senior enlisted spouses, take these younger ones and show them the ropes, help them learn how to deal with this chaotic lifestyle. And for senior enlisted and officer spouses……get off your freaking high horse!!!!! You have skills to help these younger spouses, but you are not your spouses rank. You have been where these people are…..remember that!!!! If people would just use some common sense, courtesy and respect this situation wouldn’t even be discussed. If you want someone to baby you, go home. The military is not for you!!!!! Thank you for reading and may you have a wonderful day.

    • Wow. Hayley. Breathe. Girl, this article is a spoof=fake=joke. You are looking cray cray taking it so serious. The wives that took this serious, the ones all mad…they’re the ones who you should watch. Uber serious, angry, ill informed, impetuous= hot mess.

    • Blah, blah, blah. Take your own advice, get off yer freakin high horse, recognize humor when it is written right in front of you, or do the honorable thing and just STFU you crazy ass loon!!! Now get in the kitchen and make me a turkey pot pie!!

  135. Get a grip. IT IS A FUCKING JOKE! Like 99% od the rest of the articles here. Geez. Get some humor or GTFO.

  136. I am now retired from the Army. I have no rights to be called SGT. But how ever my husband is still active duty. As I read this it is a bunch of BS. NO Spouse is entitle to wear their husbands rank. I see this being a bigger problem then it will do do. As a vet I wouldn’t stop and greet a wife who has never been to war or in the boots of any troops. This is just going to cause more issues for the actual troop then any good. If the FRG’S can’t control issues from the Spouses then the FRG’S leaders need to be replaced. By NO Means Will I ever salute a Spouse not until they have been in my boots or their husbands or wife’s who wear the uniform. Grow up!

    • Thank you for your service, now pull your head out of your ass and get a freakin’ clue!!!!!!!! Sheesh, you must be beautiful!

  137. S-5, here thanks, but no thanks. Would just go to some people’s heads, and I AM NOT saluting a general’s wife except if she cuts me off and it’s of the one fingered variety.

  138. The dumbest thing I’ve ever heard, someone can come up and say I’m an E-9 wife or a Colonel’s husband and lower ranking folks are supposed to kiss their ass? Some folks need to get a grip. Spend taxpayer money on something more important than ego tripping military spouses.

  139. This is so freaking stupid. I recently got out of the military and this was a huge problem i dealt with everyday, that is spouses thinking they rate their military spouses rank. If you want the rank then do like the rest of us and join the service. No one cares what rank you are married to, you are a civilian so deal with it. And its usually high ranking offices and staff spouses that complain the most. In my eyes you dont deserve any rank or special privelages because of who you are married to.

  140. I reaaaaaaaaaally hope this is a joke. As the spouse of a soldier, this is one of the most asinine things I’ve ever heard of.

  141. Hey, my wife has a rank but it’s because she’s in the military! If these tricks want rank then they should join! Plain and Simple!

  142. This is by far the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. It sounds to me like these “spouses” have no clue. I have been in the Marine Corps for 16 1/2 years and my wife was never “allowed” to use my rank. It sounds like folks at the pentagon need to focus on streamlining the force structure. And for the SgtMaj’s wife, get over it. You don’t have any RANK……..

  143. This is stupid and cannot be a true article! Being an Officer’s wife this entire article infuriates me! This is what is wrong with military spouses NOW! Bottom line is that most of the problems with military spouses come from Senior Officer wives and Senior NCO wives that think they have earned the right to wear their spouses rank and are able to order other wives around. By spouses wearing their husbands rank causes frustration and a disconnect with all spouses and a lack of unity to support soldiers the unit! Spouses are just that SPOUSES, nothing more nothing less within the military!! If these Conmanding Officers cannot handle wives and their issues then they do not need to be Comanders! Yes, some of the complaints from spouses are ridiculous but it’s part of being in the military. Deal with and move on.

  144. Spouses do not and should not ever wear rank! As a civilian I am not required to give ANYONE the greeting of the day no matter what rank they wear there fore a spouse wanting the greeting I the day is petty…. If you want to wear rank sign up and put YOUR life in the firing zone

  145. Ha ha ha ha This is pretty funny! If this was true it would still be funny. My husband is in the army but I’m too concerned with my own job, college classes and life to worry about the craziness of army spouses that have nothing else to do with their time but complain.

  146. Mrs. Trump, as a spouse of a 20 year Marine, why didn’t you acknowledge the tattoos mother of two? Who do you think you are to decide who one’s betters are? You do not wear you husband’s rank no matter how much you want for it, maybe you should enlisted then.
    From another spouse of a twenty year Marine, get your panties out of a bunch and start mentoring these younger spouses for the betterment of all military branches.

  147. Also i dont have to salute or greet noone. A wife is just that. She didnt earn a greeting ir salute just cause her husband is whatever rank. And nice job pointing out the wife had tatts i guess that is a strike for wives to have tatts. And the woman had kids perhaps she was friggin busy tending to them to worry about some damn wife wanting a hello. Hell i dont even know my hubbys command so i dont know their wives and ya know i dont have to. We r civilians not soldiers. Yes be nice to everyone have morals whatnot but they r going too far

  148. Yea I see it was decided by a bunch of field grades. Interesting that was done that way if that was to become true. Yea go ahead, that means you’d have to pay the spouses as well in order to punish them. It’s a childish thought that needs to be shelved under, “This is a dumb idea”. I tell the Soldiers and Marines that “Whined” …. MAN UP!!! You guys actually think that when you become civilians … because guess what you will be civilians again … that this will change. FOR REAL!!!

  149. It would cause more problems. Then higher up women will let it go to their heads. The day i let some wife tell me what to do cause she has ranks is the day i will burn in hell. My hubby is not a private but even if he was noone is gonna tell me a grow adult what to do. As wives we are to help yes but to say we have a rank not earned is crazy. Our men earn their rank. I dont want my hubbys rank for being his wife. I am not gonna go around telling other wives what to do. I inform them in a casual way on things but never would i tell them what to do. We did not sign a contract our husbands did.

  150. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I love that this page lures out all these idiots… it’s like retard bait. Thanks Zoltan!

  151. I am an “enlisted” wife… 12 years strong and assigning rank to spouses is the most ridiculous thing I have EVER heard! My husband has worked hard for HIS career, and it’s HIS not mine. He’s done the deployments, he’s put in all the field time and all the work, and it’s HIS rank. Wives need to stay out of it…. I don’t deserve better treatment than the e-3’s wife just because my husband has been in longer. People need to show respect for others, regardless of commission or not. Stop feeling entitled.

  152. Hell no. This is some bullshit. There are already military wives walkin around with their “husbands rank” wives need to stay the hell out of the damn army’s business. Lets see them pass basic training and then maybe they can wear rank. HAH this is laughable. Ugh

  153. It’s an interesting idea. But here is my question, I ALWAYS show respect regardless of who the person is, but how are we to know who is married to whom? For instance, I have a general idea of who my husbands LTC. is, I haven’t met him, but know the name so how I am I to know who his wife is?


      • now please keep searcing for the rest of your brain Kim. Also, can you explain this being “rammed” fantasy you have??

  155. Let somebody tell my wife somethin and that sgt majors wife says they need to know who there betters are get the frig outta here with this nonsence

  156. I am an army wife and I do NOT wear my husband’s rank. I also don’t say hi to every person I see in the commissary or PX. Also how am I supposed to know that your a captain’s wife or a private’s wife. I could care less who your husband is. My husband worked really hard for the rank he has. Lord only knows I didn’t go on deployments, spend weeks at a time in the field and work all the time. i know this is a joke but there are some wives that do pull rank. I think the best one I had was a wife basically say that she was better than me because her husband was a private. I just laughed in her face and told her that if my husband was a private I probably wouldn’t be bragging about that since everyone is a private in the beginning besides officers. She asked what my husband was and I told her well he’s my husband and the best dad in the world. and I walked off. Wives tend to go to the COC a lot about the stupidest stuff and if I have a problem with another wife I talk it out with her not someone else. Luckily I haven’t had any problems lol

  157. This is by far the stupidist thing iv ever heard and im a military spouse! The dribble and diatribe that comes from stupid military wives comes close to the idiocy of this new idea .We dont deserve any rank at all! The men and women of oir military have EARNED their rank, and their spouses, men or women have no such claim to their rank. Its stupid women like those listed above ‘needing to know who their betters are’ is a joke, and the military officials shouldnt give these pathetic women the time of day let alone access to a rank they do not deserve

  158. I think this is just the fact that some wife thinks that she has he husbands rank. I dont feel its right for a spouse to think they can pull rank on other spouses. You di bot due the training to earn that rank. I would like to see some spouses try to do what their shoilders do! I will not answer to any other wife jut because her husband out ranks my husband. And the wife that stated the other wife needed to learn who her betters are needs to be shaken! Let me meet her because i have a few words for her. You are not better than any other spouse that does the same thing you do! In all actually the lower inlisted spouses do more than the higher spouses! While you sit on your ass and think you are better than the lower inlisted, the lower inlisted spouse is trying to figure out what her soldier needs from her!

  159. Are you kidding me that’s the problem with military spouses the think they are the same as the sponsor. I get it you miss you sponsor when on grips rotaions or deployments but oh well you knew what you were getting into. The spouse isn’t the one putting in the time to do all this, if they want the rank then join the military if not then suck it up. You are not the rank your sponsor is just by being married to them even though you think your intitled to it, which is insane. I don’t have if your a generals spouse you don’t diserve a salute because your married, ill be proper and say hello but if you want a salute join the military and earn it.

  160. ahhh i see, Duffel Blog IS A Military equivalent to Onion News. as this story about wives rank Just had me rolling i know the Military leadership have not gone and lost their minds.{or i hope they have not}

  161. This is nuts. Wives didn’t join the military and earn the rank… Why in the he’ll should people salute them? I can not stand woes who wear their husbands rank. You want to throw rank around? Go join the military and EARN the rank. Pray this doesn’t pass.

  162. How about assigning spouse ranks based on character instead of how long our spouse has been in? This sounds like a bad idea and I can see it being used to bully lower ranking spouses. There is enough of that crap going on in the first place, so lets not make huge egos. And should we try accepting that when your spouse enlists that not everything will go your way and sometimes you need to suck it up and support your enlisted? Coming from a wife of a SRA who has been in two years and been deployed half of that time. Being proud to be married to a service member should be enough 🙂

  163. What the F*** are these people thinking??? This should never be allowed and I don’t give a F*** about any spouse in the army thinking they should be saluted because there husband or wife is a commander. You want to be saluted then join the military.

  164. It is a joke blog! Do you people think everything on this site is a spoof except this article? It makes fun of every stereotype out there cohesively. Brilliant writing I must say.

  165. Of course this is a joke, lol. I have never heard of a wife getting saluted. I am a spouse to a SPC Army enlisted Veteran, a Veteran myself with several deployments under my belt, working on my Master’s with a 4.0, have two kids, voluteer for the Red Cross, and just arrived to our new station with intentions of working for the hopsital on post. Once again I know that this is a joke, but the comments on here is proof that a majority of us all feel that spouses (not all of them- I am a prime example) typically sit around and complain and cause issues. There is so much opportunity and so much more availible for these women (typically women) to do than that of a civilian wife. These women should take all of this energy and put it to some positive use, and many of them need to take advantage of the free gym facilities that are availible at every military installation- lord knows that many of them need it, lol. *end of rant, hahaha*

  166. Great idea. I would like to extend this program to the children of military members….. my son was tagged out in little league last week by the child of someone who is two ranks lower than me. That’s just not right 😉

  167. This is asinine!! Talk about Stolen Valor! Giving a spouse a rank…. Please for what!? I will never “pull rank” or “wear my husbands rank” because I don’t have one! I’m a spouse, if I want rank and the respect that comes with it I can walk the walk and sign up!

    This is disgusting and I’m appalled that any spouse or service member would think this is a good idea!

  168. From a civilian :
    NO NO NO! Ladies, if you want your fuckin rank, join the military and earn it like a soldier! Stop creating useless issues. Our military has enough to do. Let them do the job they signed up for. If you don’t like it, you are free to opt out at any time. Other wise support our military, as the are supporting you. Stop your whining and show some class.
    Your self entitled attitudes are truly shameful.

  169. I know one thing military spouses would NEVER wear any military rank and by what I’ve been reading the upstanding spouses wouldn’t even want to…but keep posting you guys are making my day lmbo! 🙂

  170. LMBO!! Wow! I do believe this is FAUX news meaning it’s a joke 🙂 some of you are like ticking time bombs waiting for any reason to go off lmbo!

  171. If this is the case prior military spouses and current military spouses should get a rank boost for extended service. I am not saluting a spouse. I have a sister who is a officer and a husband that is enlisted and when it comes down to it we all got to remember one thing. My family bleeds just like yours. We all are making the same sacrifice. We have to many homeless active duty soldiers out there with no pay. One is to many to play this clique game. Im not upset or anything but really? As a military wife I was shot in an attempted robbery. I have three kids. My husband was not allowed to leave to help. Commander’s choice but if it was his wife and kids he would have been gone in two minutes.They don’t go crazy because of all the home issues but the fairness.

  172. Is this a joke?! I’m really hoping it is!! I’m military married to military and I HATE when spouses try to use their sponsor’s rank! You didn’t deserve it or go through what they went through to get the rank. You have a different type of struggle I understand but not one to make you worthy of holding military rank. If you want to “pull rank” sign the same contract we all did and go through all the training and things we have gone through. This is simply ridiculous!!

  173. Well if they want to be salute then maybe they should’ve went to college, OCS and earned that respect that their spouse did instead a “I do” that the think entitles them that salute and respect.

  174. Hahahahaha I love it when someone’s wife asks me, “do you know who my husband is? He’s a [insert rank here]!” I always laugh and say, “Good for him.” One day I went out with my step mom and some woman was angry because my step mom parked in her normal spot in the commissary. The woman yelled at her and said, “my husband is an SFC!” It was wonderful for me to witness my step mom say (in her british accent), “do you think I give a damn? You self-entitled women give a bad name to just military wives, but to americans everywhere!” The woman demanded my dad’s rank and name. To which my step mom replied, “his name is ______________________ and idk his rank. He’s just my husband.” I wish I got to see her face when she found out my dad was the battalion commander.

  175. Why is everyone so riled up??? This is faux news, like the onion’s website. Get a grip people.

  176. Really? First of all your saluting the decal, unless you know said officer.. Second the spouses aren’t widely known to other spouses and why would you expect to be spoken to, YOU DON’T RATE IT.. I was in the Corps for 12 years and my x-wife wouldn’t know the spouses of anyone other than our neighbors.. She would nod or say hello because she is a nice lady, not because it was the spouse of someone who she dosent know… Besides the fact she wouldnt want a BS rank anyways…. This is BS….

  177. Is this legit? I mean i’m a spouse, and this is the stupidest thing I’ve heard in a while. I no where near need to wear my hubby’s rank. He did HIS 13 Weeks of USMC bootcamp.. He has served in the USMC 10yrs, and still enlisted, yes I’ve been with him for 12yrs, but that’s his job and what he has worked for. Id be pissed if he wore my petty title in my retail position. He has earned his rank, not me. Wives that pull this crap are just tagchasing pains in the ass, that if they want to wear rank tell them there is something called enlist and bring your ass to bootcamp.. I joke and rock the”toughest job in the corps” sticker on my van. To me it let’s me know that my hubby has deployed 4 times in 7 yrs, and has returned (and our kids survived, lol 🙂 ) and it means I’ve worried my ass off those deployments, but I still know, I cannot do what he does… Everyday!!! Thank you to all thathave, and that do serve, YOU deserve YOUR rank, no one else. (however on kids camis and dog digital collars its BA, but that’s for humor purposes)

  178. Is this legit? I mean i’m a spouse, and this is the stupidest thing I’ve heard in a while. I no where near need to wear my hubby’s rank. He did HIS 13 Weeks of USMC bootcamp.. He has served in the USMC 10yrs, and still enlisted, yes I’ve been with him for 12yrs, but that’s his job and what he has worked for. Id be pissed if he wore my petty title in my retail position. He has earned his rank, not me. Wives that pull this crap are just tagchasing pains in the ass, that if they want to wear rank tell them there is something called enlist and bring your ass to bootcamp.. I joke and rock the”toughest job in the corps” sticker on my van. To me it let’s me know that my hubby has deployed 4 times in 7 yrs, and has returned (and our kids survived, lol 🙂 ) and it means I’ve worried my ass off those deployments, but I still know, I cannot do what he does… Everyday!!! Thank you to all thathave, and that do serve, YOU deserve YOUR rank, no one else. (however on kids camis and dog digital collars its BA, but that’s for humor purposes)

  179. I really think this article belongs in the Onion. I give a damn about your husband’s rank. I put my panties on one leg at a time just like the rest of you. With 21 years of service, the Army sure has changed and the new wives haven’t a clue when the hell to stfu and stop giving folks reasons to NOT stereotype them. If you feel so inferior that you think rank, that which you did not earn, gives you clout then WTF not join yourself?

  180. Wtf!!! I am an army wife and hell no this is stupid if they want a rank they should earn it
    Wtf is wrong with these people they are not the ones busting their assess off Smh if this passes it will just create chaos say I park close to a restaurant and an officer wife pulls rank on me because she wants the spot and I still don’t move that will get me in trouble?????

    • Sorry to tell you this but you ma’am are a moron and a real problem in the military. Last I checked the Military has not started to issues wives therefore, you are not a Marine (Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard) wife. You are the wife of a Soldier, Marine, Seamen, Airmen (I don’t know what they call the service members in the Coast Guard). So next time remember you where not issued to you husband,
      There is no MOS for Military branch WIFE you are just the wife of Soldier, Marine, Seamen, Airmen (I don’t know what they call the service members in the Coast Guard)!

      • Take it from Pete. It’s all true. Nobody I’ve ever known that enlisted in any branch ever came out with a government issue wife or girlfriend. With one minor exception–there was that Jeff guy who came home married to his weapon. He has always taken things so seriously. Last I heard Jeff and ‘Ma Deuce had to run from justice and now reside together somewhere in Mexico with their two children, MAG and Minimi. True story. 🙂

      • Members of the coast guard are called Puddle Pirates.

        No, they’re really called Coast Guardsmen.

      • I agree with you buddy, but i also believe these spouses do deserve some recognition. It can’t be as easy for a military spouse compared to a civilian spouse. I am in support of offering a “rank” to the military spouse.
        Are you ready for it?

        Military SPOUSE

        I am fully aware of the satirical nature of this site. My opinion still stands.”

  181. That’s the worst idea ever. as a military spouse we didn’t earn anything. those that think they have because you married a military guy, need to get a real job and stop acting like they did anything special to be treated better then any other military wife!!!

    • No, actually the worst idea ever is a seemingly intelligent person thinking this is real and firing off a comment highlighting their enormous ignorance and stupidity…

  182. this is insane! the last time I got shot at I don’t remember seeing the dependent spouse of anyone near me. I can’t believe the government would even entertain this ludicrous idea that an enlisted members spouse could be bullied by another dependent and it be legal. it’s bad enough these same spouses have to live with and deal with good ole uncle Sam dictating their loved ones every move, but to have to now down to another civilian is too much. my wife happens to be more educated than many of the officers I follow on a daily basis I won’t stand for her taking the same abuse I take every day. you people should get a grip, I’ll salute a spouse when uncle Sam sheds tears of blood for all the fallen sons and daughters who sacrificed everything for these same whining pukes. how dare you think you deserve military honors like a salute when the same enlisted service member who died for this country never recieved them while they were alive. it makes me sick, the feeling of entitlement of some people. I don’t discredit your personal sacrifice for your military spouse but it’s not the same and never will be.

  183. One of my favorite things in life is reading these articles and then reading the fools who comment on them thinking they are legit.

  184. This better not pass!! I take care of the spouses when hubby is gone or here and they are ungrateful! I get yelled at everyday by these wives that have no clue what we go through. They don’t deserve any thing more! They are bored they just sit around and make babeis and demand more from the military. Isn’t BAH and FREE health care enough??? No. They should have known what they were marrying into. I will not salute them.

    • Shipmate, Duffelblog is like The Onion for servicemembers. This is all very tongue-in-cheek humor. In this case and in the related “rank chart” article, the authors are poking harsh fun at an attitude we’re all too familiar with. Worry not, the Pentagon isn’t even considering something this FUBAR.

  185. This is a result of the whole entitlement society that we have constructed for ourselves. Good Job people!!

    We used to get bitched at by Captain’s wives all the time for pulling them over for expire plates or unbuckled seat belts or whatever. “Do you know who my husband is??”

  186. self entitled women…. This makes me only that more excited to count down the days till I get the F*** out of this horse and pony show we call the military.

  187. This is an old problem. It was going on in the late 1960’s when I was in the Marines. Just before I was discharged at 29 Stumps in 1971, the commanding General’s wife had two young Marines brought up on conduct unbecoming charges, Article 129, for not saluting her at the PX. The Marines, an E2 and a E3, demanded and got a Court Martial were they we’re found not guilty. Of course they were hounded and punished with lots of extra duty from on high. The General, who was a real whack job, was finally relieved of command and forcibly retired for this and other incidents. He was a famous MOH winner from Guadacanal who just flipped out. The wife was also known for her extreme arrogance. My mother, the wife of my father, a U.S. Navy mustang Lt. Commander 24 year veteran, told me when I was a kid that the wives had a social structure based upon their husband’s rank and expected to be treated with deference based upon that rank.

    • The commanding general of 29 Palms in 1971 was Major General Carl Hoffman. He was not a MOH winner and did not retire after leaving the base. He remained on active duty through 1978. His replacement BG Paul Graham was not a MOH winner and did not retire after leaving the base. He remained on active duty through 1978. I am calling out your BS card on this story.

    • I would just ask every single person commenting on here about how outrageous this “new” policy is, how horrible or terrible it is to…ready? Reach down between your legs and pull your empty heads out of your arse’s!!!!!! For the love of GOD morons, stop reproducing, stop reading, hell, stop breathing!!!!

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