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Pentagon Releases Preliminary Military Spouse Rank Chart


Military Spouse Rank Chart

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Pentagon has released a preliminary artist rendering showing a chart of the proposed military spouse ranking system. The chart released late last night reflects ranks set forth by the Pentagon under the newly formed Spousal Code of Civilian Justice, with the ranks of S-1 through S-9.

The Pentagon has still not yet released a decision as to whether officer wives would be allowed an official spousal rank.

Vehicle stickers are already being printed for use on spousal POV’s so they can receive their due respect, along with a spousal rank chart to educate the force.

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  1. What ranks do servicemen’s daughters acting in a barracks whore position receive ?
    Ditto spouses pulling TDY in a barracks slot.

  2. “dependopotomuses” who you can hear getting fatter as they trundle down the aisles”

    Thomas Spencer, I love you man.

  3. After being pushed around by the retirees, their wives, and all of the “dependopotomuses” who you can hear getting fatter as they trundle down the aisles, I don’t see this happening, or taken seriously even if it does. Shit, I was in the gun club for twice as long as most of the LT’s that thought they deserved my salute when I was weighted down with groceries, and I had been promoted at least 3 more times. Haters gonna hate!

  4. If a service member is issued a wife after bootcamp and together they ascend to an E-6/ S6 paygrade. If they should get divorced:
    1) does she carry the rank with her and transition into the InActive Spousal Corps pending review for potential RETREAD or retired for being unfit for duty and unable to continue valuable service.

    2) If the service member then finds a younger, more fit, and physically stunning wife- does she rate a meritorious promotion to S6 or does she have to start in the barracks and work her way up?

  5. As a military police officer, I always find it ather humorous when I pull a spouse over and the first words out of their mouths is “don’t you know who my husband is?”. Um, yeah, like I have a directory of base personnel at my disposal. My response normally is,”no, I do not, but allow me to introduce myself to you.” I pulled you over, not your husband.

  6. I do have a question:
    I know this website is geared more towards our dear groundpoundering Army and Marines, and as the bastard child of the Army, the Chair Farce could utilize these same spouse ensignias.
    However, what about us Navy folk (and I guess the Coasties too) who have different insignias for their enlisted? I’ve read a lot of officers demanding seperate spouse rank insignias for them and I was hoping, if not too much trouble, for the same to be done for your fine sailors.

  7. This is great and appropriate for the women who think they have rank because their husband wears it!

    The best part for me are the comments from the people who take this seriously! I mean seriously the Army has more important things to do. Does he really think the Army took time to figure this out .. Wait hold on, I guess it is a possibility!

  8. I cannot fathom that some of you people took this for true. for those of you in the military….I hope your not in charge of anything important.

  9. A military wife does deserve a rank! I am a Army mom and my travels to different countries no to mentioned, wars… my sons wife have to adjust to all these changes quite often but she doesn’t complaint. how about getting pregnant and having to move her house to another estate or country! So please people give those spouses a RANK they surely deserve it!! God Bless all of you and our soldiers,their spouses and our wonderful country,U.S.A

    • Are you fucking kidding me?
      First, you do realize this is a joke, right?
      Second, really? Good for you. You want a fucking medal? I’m a military spouse, an army mom, currently pregnant, AND work full time on ACTIVE DUTY. So yes, I have a rank. My own… not my husband’s. And being an army wife and a mom and being pregnant isn’t THAT bad. I mean I still have some free time to read satire.

      • Ps. I really hope you were just joking and I read that way too fast… LOL. maybe I do need some sleep.

  10. So… If the spouses get rank, then for instance.. they should be kept within weight standards.. If not, then Uncle Sam can Issue a new fit spouse to our Marines.

  11. You have got to be friggin kidding me!!!!! I will refuse to EVER have rank as a spouse. Why would I ever want to outrank my friends or have my friends outrank me. Can you imagine the cat fights at an FRG meeting. We as spouses have NO rank….we are all doing the same job. They can count me out if they give wives rank!!!!! I really don’t want it if it has silverware on it. What the heck…..I think it should have $ signs on it to show how often we go to the mall or something fun….cooking…hahahaha. Maybe pieces of pizza to show how ofter we order take out because at the end of the day we dont really feel like cooking.

    • Actually ma’am, as an Army spouse you have no say in this fight. You will have to wear the appropriate rank, regardless, and the FRG will have to deal with that. You will be assimilated and resistance is futile. Also, quit thinking outside the box. Your ideas about different symbols just clouds the issue. Where would it ever end? And quite honestly, we (the outside observers of Army spouses) would never need a pizza sign to show Army spouses like pizza. We can clearly see the expanding waist sizes and cushion indentations with our own eyes!!! Big smiles!!

  12. Thank you, Duffel Blog, for giving us a rip-roaring start to the day!
    P.S. Can’t wait for the day a virtual slap goes through the interwebz to those commenters who fail to read the “About Us” section…….mind you, the little dears are so darn entertaining.

  13. I DEMAND that there is differentiation between officers and enlisted. How is a measly S-5 supposed to know that my beloved Muffin is an Officers wife? I simply will not stand for her to be treated as a lowly S-1….

    • Draft in works at HQDA. The officer wifes insignia will all be the insignia of a colonel and they will be designated OOS-6 (Oversight Officer Spouse). Duties include explaining what the officer ment to say. Semper Fi

  14. Just like with Military Working Dogs, the spouse is going to be one rank higher than the service member. (This is not intended to come across as military wives being bitches, just in-case you get the wrong idea about the dog reference).

  15. Really? What’s the point of this? The Army has more pressing issues than this. My wife thinks its retarded.

    • Brett, luckily I cannot ascertain your COC from your title, because they would be getting a call from me. Next thing you are going to challenge is the safety of the PT belt…

    • Brett, I can only imagine the “fascinating” conversations you and your wife have at night. Guessing they involve crayons and staying inside the lines….

      • No the last conversation we had was the wording of a strongly written letter to the makers of crayola over the fact that Purple does not taste like grape and red does not taste like cherry….

      • Oh wait you were talking to Bret…Muffin and I have never had conversations about the flavors of crayons…

  16. I so want my S8 sticker. It’ll make the last 23 years following him all over the world and having to live in awful places like Alaska, Germany and Portugal worth it. For the humorless, I am being sarcastic.

    • Chris Camacho, I take it your spouse was with YOUR friend? Did you ever stray from the marriage bed? You had NO right to say what you did. Yes, you did say average. But then I’ve seen many military men who didn’t know what fidelity meant. So don’t judge women when it’s a two way street! Oh by the way, I was not only a spouse, but, also on active duty! And I took this as A JOKE! Lighten up people. We all know that military spouses have no RANK!!!!

    • We live in Alaska, and are nearing his retirement, we’re staying here! Love it! The outdoors is absolutely amazing, hiking, back packing, mountain biking, kayaking, water rafting, atv ing, camping, fishing, snowboarding, skiing, snow shoeing, and more. It’s awesome! Just absolutely gorgeous here! 🙂

  17. Haha! You guys have been busy. And to think that wanker on FB yesterday told you to be productive. I fart in his general direction. 😛

    Good work! 😀

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