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DoD Announces New Inverted Multi-Purpose Ballistic Tomahawk Bayonet (IMBTB)

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Department of Defense officials recently announced the limited deployment of the new Inverted Multi-Purpose Ballistic Tomahawk Bayonet, or IMBTB.

The new piece of tactical equipment is being assigned to a select number of ‘specialty units’ currently fighting the war on terror in Afghanistan.

“The IMBTB is a combination of military hardware in one sleek and deadly package. It was designed to fit nearly all of a soldier’s combat needs while remaining somewhat unobtrusive and tactical,” said Major General John Manning of Army Research, Development and Engineering Command.

The IMBTB has a sharp edge designed for quick chopping motions, a medium sized handle for effective manipulation, and a head which can be unscrewed for storage.  Military officials have said that the IMBTB will initially be stocked with five matches, a small compass, maps, and two gallons of pressurized JP-8 fuel.

“This is cutting edge military technology,” said Representative Buck McKeon, committee chair for House Armed Services Committee. “This is a classic example of looking to history to find new and adaptive solutions to modern military problems.”

The IMBTB is not limited to melee, survival, or storage functions, according to Pentagon sources. It can be attached on the bottom of various standardized military weaponry. Once mounted on the bottom of a standard M16A4, the IMBTB allows a soldier or Marine to fire a 5.56 round 3110 feet per second at an effective range of about 550 meters.

“This is truly a cross-service technology.  Following the general trend of mounting stuff under the barrel of M16s, we have attempted to create something truly versatile,” said General Manning. “Our researchers felt we had reached the limits of physics and reason with under-the-barrel mounting technology. We had to look for less obvious attachment positions. This is the culmination of those efforts.”

The IMBTB is slated for widespread distribution later this year to all support personnel who never leave their designated Forward Operating Bases while deployed.

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Angry Warrant

Is that jerry can so you can save the blood of those you kill to drink later?

I hope so.

Aidan Ross

Could you imagine how many knee caps would be gone if this thing were real? lol muzzle control!

Jason D Sousley

This is the greatest weapon ever developed by the army!

Michael Flynn

Not to rain on the parade, but Marines beat the crap out of Barbary pirates after the War of 1812 by throwing tomahawks while boarding pirate ships.

The rate of fire was much better than black powder guns, they were accurate, and the “shock and awe” effect was substantial.

You know how it is. When you shoot bullets at Superman he doesn’t flinch, but throw an empty gun at him and watch him duck!


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