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Report: Base Corporal Always In PT Gear

Marine Corps PT Gear

CAMP PENDLETON, CA – From morning to evening colors, Base Supply Corporal Michael Jennings’ attire is always green shorts, Nikes and a green skivvy shirt, sources reported Friday.

“I saw him at the base ATM in PT gear this morning on my way to work, but then I saw him again in PT gear this afternoon when I went to supply to pick up my new boots,” Private First Class Robin Greene reported, adding the Corporal never appears to be sweaty or have exercised at all.

“You know, one day I showed up to his shop wearing green sweats, and he chewed my ass for it. And we were wearing the same thing!”

Jennings, who holds the Supply Battalion high Physical Fitness Test (PFT) score and won last year’s meritorious Corporal board, is considered by his superiors to be one of the best non-commissioned officers (NCO) in the battalion. Last week he participated in the battalion’s change of command ceremony rehearsal, with PT gear and the NCO sword he won at Corporals Course.

However, sources close to the ceremony and with ties to the Lance Corporal Underground say it’s unlikely he’ll actually perform in the ceremony, due to the fact he’d have to put on a real uniform for it. The source also went on to speculate on Jennings’ upcoming promotion to Sergeant, saying that “his CO is figuring out where exactly on his PT shirt he can pin the chevrons.”

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Bill Boyce

yup.. you got me… dammit.. I’ll pay closer attention next time.
Not as quick as I used to be… getting blown up in Iraq does that to you.

Tyler Short

And this happens all the time too. Guys get promoted way to fast, on the basis they are a p.t stud, and know nothing about their job and dont respect the rank.

Drew Neilson

Satire aside, I knew so many NCOs like this.

Kevin Winters

Isn’t this supposed to be a satire site?

Michelle Dawn Lotz-Lynch

We all damn know that those are not marine corps pt shorts because they are too long and their balls aren’t hanging out.


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