Local PX Girl Honored To Service The US Military

dog tags
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CAMP PENDLETON, CA — A cashier at the Camp Horno post exchange is receiving high praise from troops serving in the 1st Marine Regiment after making it in the Guiness Book of World Records for her faithful service to thousands of men in Barracks 53330.

Julie Katrina, 22, now holds the record for most dog tags received in a single year in addition to last year’s record of having more than six sexually-transmitted diseases at the same time.

“I grew up in a military family and have been all over the world,” said Katrina. “It’s always been an honor to service the military at the PX, barracks rooms, or in the men’s bathrooms at Goody’s Tavern.”

That tradition of service, Katrina says, goes far beyond her duties as a cashier at the small exchange on base.

“Some of the guys don’t have a way to get around, so I like to ride them up and down base,” Katrina told reporters. “But it really works both ways. Some of my favorite Marines let me ride with them as well — sometimes in a big truck — or on Lance Corporal Stephens’ car bed in room 243.”

Some Marines that Katrina helps offer her gifts in return, such as chlamydia and video clips for her film career portfolio. Many at least offer their dog tag as a token of appreciation.

“I have about 1300 or so now,” said Katrina. “So far, I’ve thanked all of 1st Battalion, 4th Marines for their service. A couple more battalions and maybe I can get a transfer to 5th Marines. Those guys are sexy … warriors on the battlefield.”

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