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First Women In History To Pass Infantry Training Pick Up Cigarette Butts, Mop Floors

CAMP GEIGER, NC — Just days after learning that four female Marines would be the first ever to complete Marine infantry training, sources confirmed they are picking up cigarette butts in the barracks parking lot.

The incredibly historic act — with the four Marines taking a knee occasionally and picking up trash on the ground — was confirmed by instructors at the School of Infantry (EAST).

“Yeah, they were picking shit up, just like every other boot-ass private here,” said Sgt. Nathan Hill, while pointing out a cigarette butt the Marines missed.”I think it’s great that they actually passed the training, but hey, excuse me, will ya?”

“Hey privates. Stop lolly-gagging around and pick up these fucking butts right goddamn now,” Hill said to the four, who were later seen doing other things junior enlisted Marines do, like reciting the annoying voice of their drill instructors, and talking on their cellphones right after a sergeant tells them not to.

Since passing the “grueling” training program, a photo of the four female Marines circulated worldwide to mark the historic milestone, and their newfound fame will certainly set them up for future success as barracks janitorial staff.

With all four at the lowest enlisted rank, they will be doing many historic things in the next few years: Mopping floors, cleaning up the 1st. Sgt.’s office, and being referred to as “fucking boot,” a term of endearment reserved only for highly-motivated Marines.

At press time, the four were grumbling about their follow-on training at their occupational specialty schools and having to work with a bunch of “dumbass pogues.”

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Antonio Alexander Espinoza Sandi
So WTF, I graduated from Infantry Training at CAMP GEIGER, NC in Oct 1981 and guess what Bitches???? I picked up cigarette butt, police called, painted rock and scrubbed the NASTIES Toilets in the USS Tripoli Lph 10, so what do you want for being the 1st infantry women a Fucking COKKIE…..? We did what came with the job, you are boots!!!! Want to play with the Big Dogs then take everything that comes with the job. Say Hello to the the Green Weenie, you earn it now open wide, shut the fuck up and take it with pride. PENDEJAS!!!!!!… Read more »
Michael Swain
Not sure how many other grunts read this post. SOI was harder that boat camp. I was there in 96 and I saw 3 people go on suicide watch. The worst part about it was walking by Horno and hearing the senior marines talking shit to us and tell us how they were going to haze us, i know that in 96 hazing wasn’t bad but I remember wear mop gear in the showers while the senior Lcpl had there way with us. My PLT SGT was a CPL that had been in 4 years. I remember SGTs at that… Read more »
Michael Swain
Boys, if they let women become grunts I think that is great. When I was you LCpl. Please forgive me and I misspell the title. I had a you reg CO. His name was Paxton. He wanted to make a name for himself. His claim to fame was for 1st Mar was to walk from Pendleton to 29 Palms. 6 days at 20 miles a day. For those grunts out there you know how bad a hump hurts. If a female can do it right next to a man she has earned her place. Grunt is a strong title very… Read more »
Richard Galli

next step, cleaning shitters at 0200 being hollered at by a whiskey drunk first sergeant

Dan Widge
Funny, I didn’t ask to be a grunt, but back in them days, the Army was good at filling vacant slots. But, being a grunt was simple, shoot guns (yes we called our weapons “Guns” because they were 81MM) clean the guns and other weapons, sleep in the dirt, mud and snow, walk a long ways with lots of shit on your back, then after camping a few weeks, do a police call over the enter battle field, go back to the barracks and stay up late cleaning dirty equipment, polish the floors and boots, have an inspection, do a… Read more »

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