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A First Sergeant Flipped His Desk In Anger. What Happened Next Will Make You Shit Your Pants.

[tps_header]Upworthy, the social news sharing website, is known for its interesting and engaging headlines, such as “You’ll Wonder Why This Video Is Edited Weirdly. Keep Watching For The Reveal” or “One Guy Is Responsible For Producing Most Of Your Favorite Songs, And You’ve Never Even Heard Of Him.”

However, many are unaware of Upworthy’s failed military section, oft plagued with poorly-worded headline choices or links that just failed to gain traction. Duffel Blog staff obtained 9 of those headlines and is reproducing them here.[/tps_header]

The First 8 Minutes Of First Sergeant’s Libo Brief Will Amaze You. The Last 90 Will Move You To Tears


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Angry Warrant

You bastards; I shit my pants. Gonna have to tell DW it was because of the sushi I got at the Chevron station up the road.

Tyler Andersen

It’s high time someone called out Upworthy. Chuck is right. I hate their stuff.

Jonathan Chew

Headline says 98 minute video. Slider bar says 39 seconds.

Jonathan Paul Sielaff

Mwahahaha, made my day!

Kirk Lymburner

Video will not open


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