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Michelle Obama Headlines Jobs Fair For Vets Unemployed Due To Defense Cuts

FORT CAMPBELL, Ky. — Headlining a jobs fair and career seminar Friday at Fort Campbell, First Lady Michelle Obama spoke highly of the skills and career prospects of soldiers who will soon be forced to leave the military due to drastic cuts to the defense budget.

“As my husband has said, when you’ve fought for this country around the world, you shouldn’t have to fight for a job when you return home,” said Ms. Obama from the stage, speaking to a crowd of approximately four hundred. “So, since many of you are being forced to leave the Army, we are now announcing new employment initiatives which will benefit not only you and your families, but offer business-friendly tax incentives to corporations which have demonstrated the proper commitment to social justice, the environment, and progressive ideals.”

Ms. Obama was just one of the many attractions at the fair, which also featured speeches by Dr. Jill Biden, 101st Airborne Division commander Maj. Gen. James C. McConville, and a visibly-uncomfortable Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer.

“A great time was had by all, and it was very informative and helpful for all soldiers and spouses who are soon to leave the military,” noted Fort Campbell Transitions Service Manager Alan Picault.

“Ms. Obama’s announcement of new private sector commitments to hire veterans, rewarded by tax incentives from the administration, is fantastic and will go a long way towards giving these guys and gals a hand up,” Picault said. “I know these decorated combat veterans will be happy to start their new lives as delivery drivers, photocopy machine repairmen, Walmart stock boys and bank tellers.”

Col. David “Buck” Dellinger, Fort Campbell garrison commander, nodded emphatically in agreement, eyeing attentive Secret Service agents nearby.

The jobs fair was a cooperative effort between Fort Campbell Transition Service and local and national businesses, to include Capital One, UPS, Xerox, Walmart, Solyndra, Lockheed Martin, ACORN, and Delta Airlines.

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Michelle Obama Headlines Jobs Fair For Vets Unemployed Due To Defense Cuts

Edward T. Egan

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