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Top 13 Jobs Navy SEALs Take After Service

[tps_header]Navy SEALs are among the best of the best of today’s military, but many move on to bigger and better things beyond having ripped abs and shooting things. We consulted with a number of both Navy SEAL and career experts to find the top jobs that many Navy SEALs transition into.[/tps_header]

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Andrew Combe

You left out beard and tattoo model. Seriously, I was in the Australian Army for 6 years in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s and did some stuff but if we didn’t shave including in the field we were reefed by the NCO’s who were all Vietnam veterans. What’s with the new meterosexual/hipster look? What tactical purpose does it serve? What forced it onto our collective image of special forces operatives? Why isn’t “tactical beard growing” a module in Hell Week?

Paul Spomer

Geez lighten up Francis…. IT’S SATIRE… (or at least semi-satire… hahaha)

Jimmy Bensinger

I’m pretty sure number 7 is Albert pujols and Ryan Franklin. Both used to play for the cardinals. Maybe USO tour or something?


[…] Top 13 Jobs Navy SEALs Take After Service […]

Ken Hales

Jesse Ventura was not a Seal. He was underwater demolition.


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