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Special Forces Soldier Excited To Train Men Who Will Try To Kill Him In Five Years

UGANDA — Telling reporters that he “absolutely loves this job,” a Special Forces sergeant training Ugandan soldiers in tactics and marksmanship went on to say he’s really excited to be teaching guys things they will use against him in about five years.

“This is really the reason I joined Special Forces,” said Sgt. 1st Class Frank Bilton, who serves with 3rd Special Forces Group. “It wasn’t for direct action missions or high-speed stuff. It’s all about giving my future enemy an edge he can use against me.”

“It really makes it all worthwhile,” he added.

Over the past two weeks, Bilton and his Special Forces “A-Team” have been training the foreign soldiers on scouting and patrolling, defensive operations, marksmanship, and the best way to ambush opponents.

“This stuff will be helpful when they try a coup d’état in a couple years, you know? Really put all our hard work into practice,” Bilton told Duffel Blog. “But I’ll tell ya. It’s going to be exciting when we walk right into an ambush these guys are setting up. Should be pretty interesting.”

It’s not just boring tactics and military-style training either, Bilton says. The team has spent time engaging in cross-cultural sharing and teaching the Ugandan soldiers English as well, training that will come in handy in a firefight when they shout “asshole G.I.” in broken English and write propaganda letters for psychological warfare purposes.

“Seeing the look on these guys’ faces when they learn something new, when they realize they can eventually kill all of us with this training,” Bilton said. “It really makes me proud to be a green beret.”

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Daniel Martinovich

In the case of Uganda. This is something you will not have to worry about. it is one of the handful of nations that will not be turning against America in the foreseeable future. That is unless America sides with the jihadists. Matter of fact. Little Uganda has been of the front line with the jihadists now for 50 years.

Maksudur Rahman

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Robert Gray

If they do kill you, you can die knowing that you were a great instructor.

Matt Mcquistion

this going to ambush with ak47s that will fall apart in there hands

Brett A. Rutherford

As a former Green Beret, we always trained men keeping this in mind “Today’s Student, is tomorrows target.” I remember a foreign soldier telling me that the British told him to get on line with the aircraft firing at them and the bullets would go between each man. I couldn’t hold my laughter. In fact I had an A-10 do a run to show this individual just how wrong he was.. I guess the British are still upset with the Falklands.


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