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Pentagon To Disband ‘Useless’ Warrant Officer Corps

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Pentagon Comptroller Robert Hale warned on Tuesday that the second round of sequestration would mean that the Pentagon needs to get lean, and he’s found that cutting the “antique” Warrant Officer Corps would save millions in defense dollars.

“Instead of hurting all of our citizen soldiers who are doing actual work, why not just trim the fat by cutting thousands of useless warrant officers?” said Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. “And I literally mean fat. This study I have here shows more than 65 percent of warrants are overweight and none of the others can score above 50 percent on their PT tests.”

Representative Buck McKeon (R-Calif.), who chairs the House Armed Services Committee, agreed enthusiastically with the Secretary’s suggestion.

“When I talk to my constituents currently serving in the Armed Forces, the one repeated trope that I hear is how much they completely hate the warrant officers they’re saddled with,” McKeon told Duffel Blog. “Either they’re constantly taking flight time, or hoarding information to make themselves seem more important, or just getting drunk and vanishing for days at a time since there’s no one to maintain accountability for them.”

“I simply don’t understand the purpose of these warrant officers,” said Rep. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.). “They hang around the company with their hands in their pockets. And God help you if the commander tells them to do something. They’ll just look around, make excuses why they can’t sign the hand receipt and then blame whatever goes wrong on the nearest lieutenant.”

The House Armed Services Committee voted unanimously to completely eliminate the position of warrant officer from the Army, Navy and Marine Corps, and sent the measure to the full House for a vote on Friday.

At press time, The Fraternal Order of Warrant Officers announced a plan for a mass protest formation outside the Capital Building this morning, but none of them showed up.

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Robert David Marsh
Well, this just figures! The Warrant rank is a technical field. Most Army aviators hold the Warrant rank, as do many transportation and mechanical fields. Not really enlisted, not really commissioned. Warrant Officers fill the gap. My Dad retired as a W-4 after 22 years. He was a helicopter pilot, latest in a CH-54 Flying Crane, 2 tours in Viet Nam. Served as a CH-19, CH-47 pilot earlier during the cold war. I am also a veteran, and it totally disgusts me that this administration is degrading our military at every chance they get! Warrant Officers are very much needed… Read more »
Robert David Marsh

Think about how many Warrant Officer pilots gave their lives in the service of their Country! Most were UH-! drivers,
Medivac, and saving troops from combat zones. Most of the pilots who plucked the men from those zones were WOs.
Of course, they were also the ones who put them into the battle. I wanted to reenlist as a WOC back in 1979, but there were so many WO’s after Viet Nam, it wasn’t possible, so I got out and became a police officer.

MarcoandJenna Spencer

I find that insulting try to banish the warrant officers,, We are the go to guys when the LT and CAPTS cant figure shit out.. I havent seen anyone thst can run me in the ground YET. .

Joe Christopher

They are trying to dismantle and destroy our military…actually, they are doing it. They are traitors. America should wake up and PRAY, return to church, return to the Lord, and trust in him. The traitors in charge are judgments from him and will persist as long as we are stiff necked and proud, rather than boasting in the Lord! Mark my words, see if I am wrong…

Jack C. Wing

Funny stuff here ! I’ll have to pass this along to the “WOPA”. Tony and the Boys may make a special Visit….


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