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11 Photos That Bring Back The Terrible Horrors Of War

[tps_header]Most veterans who have gone to war in Iraq and Afghanistan understand they came back changed in some way. Whether it was seeing heavy combat or the DFAC running out of steak and lobster, there are clear triggers that can set off a service member’s nightmare of the war zone.[/tps_header]

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Bryant Hill

Keith Kelly guessing your a pog. It’s OK to have sat around drinking green bean coffee and feeding their face full of pizza all day but for people to sit there and say those people had it hard on deployment is a joke to me.

Dan Selli

The nightly slushy dates at KAF.’s boardwalk….the horror

Randall Wirth

Ahh Green Bean and Pizza hut, the luxuries of coming in from the COP and actually being outside the wire for more than a few hours at a time. Other wars had hookers and booze, and that was for a military full of draftees but we all volunteer and we just get the local community college treatment.

Eddie Royer

lol. I know VBC when I see it!

Angry Warrant

I miss having some TCN do my laundry by banging it with rocks in a dirty stream. I keep telling DW to do that, but all she’ll use is damned Snuggles. How the hell do I go back to sleeping on soft sheets and wearing spring-fresh shirts?


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