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Opinion: The Philadelphia Eagles Hate The Troops


The following is an op-ed written by Robert Crane, an obese man who never served in the military but steadfastly supports the troops.

When the Eagles cut Alejandro Villanueva, the organization showed its true, unpatriotic colors and its hatred of America. Villanueva was an Army Ranger and he has a Bronze Star with a V for valor so he deserves to be a defensive starter.

Hey Eagles, you know what language we speak in America? That’s right, English. And why? Because of our military. If the minutemen hadn’t defeated King George we’d all be speaking French or some shit. Your namesake is the bald eagle, the symbol of our freedom, and you just fired the living embodiment of that freedom.

For shame.

Do you know why Roger Staubach was signed by the Cowboys? Because he was a patriot, that’s why.

They knew it was their civic duty to sign a Naval officer, and he ended up being voted into the NFL Hall of Fame. That’s how every one of our war heroes should be treated. The NFL supports our troops, and lets Medal of Honor winners stand on the field during the Super Bowl. The Eagles can’t even show that level of support for a soldier on their team.

I am proud to say I support our troops. I cover my heart when I hear the national anthem, I have a couple of shirts with flags on them, and I even saw both Captain America movies. By cutting a former Army Ranger, it’s clear that the Eagles do not.

Editor’s note: At press time, Villanueva had been getting calls from Dallas, where a defensive end who struggles to get past offensive linemen and rush the passer would be a vast improvement to the Cowboys “defense.”

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