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The Top 10 Candidates For The Next Sergeant Major Of The Marine Corps

[tps_header]As the Marine Corps prepares to select a new Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps, Duffel Blog has found several of the strongest contenders. This list is provided only for the information of junior Marines, and Duffel Blog reminds its readers that it would be inappropriate for junior Marines to discuss their own preference for the next sergeant major.

Rest assured, all the candidates listed are highly qualified, and any one of them would make an excellent Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps.[/tps_header]

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Ryan Bingham

Fuck yea sgtmaj kasal was my Sgtmaj in ITB. Awesome Marine

Joseph Schiffel

This Brad Kasal guy seems pretty okay, I guess.

Jeremy James

Can you repeat #3 again please

Nathaniel Helms

Now I know where the Kasal boys get all their bullshit.

Michael Gothika

He is the BEST choice ! He was my SOI Instructor back in the 90’s and he was and still is a good instructor and PT with him was a killer ! I wish him the very best I am proud to have been one of his Marines in SOI (C co.). Semper Fi !!!


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