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Marine Girlfriend Planning Storybook Divorce

OCEANSIDE, Calif. — A girlfriend to a U.S. Marine private first class stationed at Camp Pendleton is planning the storybook divorce she always dreamed of, sources confirmed Tuesday.

Saying that she had been planning this since she was a little girl, Ashley Gibson told reporters she has always dreamed of that beautiful day when she would be granted spousal and child support from Pfc. Anthony Roberts for the couple’s six future children.

“I am just so thrilled that one day I will join Tony in the sacred bond of marriage for the rest of our lives together,” Ashley said, “or for a period of five years, whichever comes first.”

According to sources within the offices of prominent Divorce Planner Larry Abrams, Esq., Ashley has worked out every little detail, from purchasing a brand new car and fancy electronics to cleaning our her husband’s bank account and moving all of the furniture out of base housing while he’s on deployment.

“He is going to be so surprised by the amount of thought and care that went into all this,” Ashley said, while eating an entire bag of Doritos so she can be prepared to fit into her divorce sweatpants.

At press time, Pfc. Roberts was daydreaming about his girlfriend of two days while falling out of a hike in training at the School of Infantry.

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Jaelyn Carpenter

This is the strangest thing I have ever heard of. Who in their right mine thinks of something like this?

Mark Knapp

U think that’s very disrespectful

Avery Dalton

You had me at the articles title. Divorce sweatpants – Awesome!

John Gunny

Hey my ex wife did the exact same thing to my furniture. Lol

Angel Means-Bryant

What a bitch…. marines don’t make that much money as is.. if that happen to my son I can promise she would not be eating a bag of doritos with sweats..just saying


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