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Soldier Dresses As Marine For Halloween So He Can Finally Get Laid

FORT STEWART, Ga. — Spc. Peter Sims has finally decided on a Halloween costume that is sure to get him “some play this year,” since he will be attending the various parties and events dressed as a United States Marine, sources confirmed.

Sims, an intelligence analyst in 4-3 Special Troops Battalion (“Sentinel”), hit upon the idea after watching a group of Marines in a bar in downtown Savannah over the summer.

“So these guys were in full Marine getup, with the fancy jackets and the white gloves and whatnot, and they just looked all kinds of squared away. I think they had just come from a buddy’s wedding or something,” Sims explained. “These guys were the dumbest, ugliest primates in the whole place, but it’s like they were automatic 10’s just because they were wearing the uniform. And all the bitches in the place just started salivating over them the moment they came in.”

None of the other males in the Savannah bar were able to attract any ladies and the group of jarheads left the bar with, in Sims’ estimation, at least 1.4 females for every Marine.

“I’m pretty sure they’re not even allowed to wear those uniforms out in public anymore, especially in a bar,” Sims added. “But whatever: the point is, it gave me the idea to capitalize on the mountains of pussy that they get.”

So Sims went down to the orange, pumpkin-shaped tent in the parking lot by the Toys R Us across from the mall and tried to find a U.S. Marine Corps dress uniform costume. Unfortunately he had no luck finding an authentic-looking facsimile.

“All they had were these ‘Lil Devil Dog’ costumes for, like, eight-year-olds.”

Undeterred, he spent most of August meticulously researching Marine regulations to ensure accuracy, and September ordering the uniform items and accoutrements. For the last week, Sims has been painstakingly assembling the uniform, and now believes it to be nearly 100% accurate.

“This is going to be great!” he said on Thursday evening, surveying the results in his barracks room mirror. “I’m going to be drippin’ in bitches!”

When his roommate, Spc. Jeremy Wu, pointed out that he might get in trouble for “stolen valor,” Sims disagreed.

“Pfft,” he replied, waving his hand dismissively. “I’m not actually claiming to be a Marine. I’m just pretending to be one for the purposes of getting some drunk chick dressed as a slutty nurse to smash with me. That’s literally the furthest thing from ‘stolen valor’ you can get. Stolen valor and stolen virtue are worlds apart.”

At press time, Sims was reportedly barely able to contain his anticipation of scoring some of that sweet Halloween spook-tang.

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Marc Adin
You don’t have steal “my vapor.” No one ever gave that to me. When they were reading some shitload of orders, my PH and BZ /vapor, was sandwiched between some dood who got an Art.15 for poking his quad with those atropine ‘pens’, a bunch of us who also got an Art.15 for pouring the black powder from .50 on one of those humongous rhinocerous beetles to have races, i.e. how far they could run after they were ‘lit up’ flipped on their back and sorta…well, they made a loud popping sound. Uh, what was the question? So, go hang… Read more »
Dusty Larson

Aw man this was so true. Well I don’t know about the Blues thing, but in Seoul / South Korea 2008 for a course. We ended up going out after work and even in civvies the AF lasses we were around were totally gaga for us just because we were Marines. Similarly, the Korean locals let us in clubs and such when we said we were Marines vice Soldiers. It’s probably because they have huge respect for their own Marine Corps. I quote one taxi driver: “Marine kicka Japanese ass in Wohld Wah II!”

Lester Tucker

The uniform doesn’t make the Marine, it’s the attitude… You can’t fake that.

Patrick Kerr

Stupid giant orange pumpkin. My kids know when Halloween is near because that ridiculous thing shows up.

Nathan Boyd

It’s a Halloween costume, who cares? As long as he only wears it on October 31st and no other day then there is no problem.

He wears it in another day and there is a big problem. And for the record I’m a marine myself.


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