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The History Of The Battleship In 15 Awesome Pictures

[tps_header]Ah, battleships: is there anything more majestic than a set of sixteen-inch guns rising up in the air, ready to ejaculate a set of armor-piercing shells deep into whatever target happens to be nearby? There’s also speed, armor, maneuverability, and fire control, but we all know it really just comes down to the big guns. From 1880 to 1941 they were the most powerful ships to sail the waves and the pride of every navy.

They sparked an arms race which heavily contributed to the outbreak of World War I. Then in just a few years they vanished, replaced by aircraft carriers and submarines. Follow Duffel Blog as we take a look back on the history of the battleship.

Duffel Blog writer Dark Laughter contributed to this article.[/tps_header]

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USS New Jersey

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Jake Stevens

Why are there so few survivors in these attacks? Do people literally go down with the ship? Or do they make it to the water and drown? Or are they killed in the initial explosion? Just looking at the footage it seems like the obvious move would be to jump overboard, hopefully along with something buoyant, and try to make it to sure or wait for rescue. Could anyone with more knowledge of naval combat enlighten me?

James Rosenthal

The Barnham is amazing is footage I have never seen. So, thanks, but why is that so funny, dude?

Erich De Villiers

“A ship in habour is safe, unless it’s a battleship. In which case, it’s fucked.” — Rear Admiral Grace Hopper.

Michael Carey

Outstanding.hahahahahahahahahh hahhahahahahahaha destroyer sailor here ah hahahahahaha

Corey S Reynolds

They were awesome firesupport and no one can deny that. Besides they were $o much fun to watch!


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