Opinion: The Best Way To Support Our Veterans Is By Bombing Iran

Ambassador John Bolton
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The following is an op-ed written by John Bolton, the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations under President George W. Bush.

It’s no secret our country has failed its wounded veterans, with tales of denied care, wait times, and total incompetence run amok. But the solution is simple: Bomb Iran.

Where we bomb does not matter. Whether we turn Bander Abbas into Dresden or drop a few Tomahawks in the desert, we will show the world our commitment to the men and women who were injured while fighting for our country. Bombing runs will increase the VA’s budget, create a more streamlined system, and give our veterans the care they deserve. It will also fix our public schools.

Not bombing Iran could allow its regime to obtain nuclear weapons and lead to instability in the Middle East, which would be disastrous to our soldiers struggling from PTSD.

After we conduct a bombing campaign, we should go further and topple their regime. Removing an Iranian government by force and replacing it with a pro-American leader would never backfire.

I spent over a year as U.S. Ambassador to the UN, where my constant calls for bombing Iran were dismissed by everybody as the ravings of a madman. Clearly everyone else in the world has no idea what they’re talking about, since they can’t see how bombing Iran would clearly solve poverty and world hunger.

In short, we must bomb Iran and wipe it off the map. It’ll be another gold star in my record of Middle Eastern policy.

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