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DARPA to Weaponize Thoughts and Prayers


WASHINGTON — White House spokesman Josh Earnest announced today that at President Obama’s request, Congress has allocated an additional $176 billion dollars to the military budget for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to weaponize the thoughts and prayers which are routinely offered then discarded after tragedy and terrorism.

Earnest said the program reaffirms President Obama’s commitment to degrading, and ultimately defeating ISIS.

“It is really a brilliant concept,” notes Miles Chamberlain, program lead for the new Mk II “Wishful Thinking” Air Deliverable Engagement Device. “After a major terrorist event, the number one thing guaranteed to come out of western countries are thoughts and prayers. Millions of them. If we can find a way to use them tactically our military options would be limitless.”

“The T&P program has multiple facets,” Earnest said. “The highest priority is better targeting systems for our special operators. Currently the thoughts and prayers are used indiscriminately on family members, friends, and even ordinary citizens in an affected area. We hope to provide a surgical strike capability, eventually being able to deliver millions of thoughts and prayers onto a single target, with devastating effect.”

Chamberlain highlighted the advanced nature of the testing, while acknowledging some setbacks for the program.

“The biggest issue we’re facing is a delivery system. First we proposed printing the thoughts and prayers and air-dropping them over a target area, but we had to stop after environmentalists protested, claiming that the thoughts and prayers from the East Coast alone would cause the deforestation of two national parks,” Chamberlain said.

“Then we collected approximately 650 million tweets, emails, and Facebook posts offering thoughts and prayers to Paris and uploaded them onto a hard drive, but that was canceled after Lockheed demanded a $300 billion dollar software update to synch them with the F-35 targeting computers.”

“We’re still optimistic about this whole process. I just hope this project doesn’t end up as a casualty of the budget wars like other failed programs, including the DX6-Good Intentions Radar, the surface-launched Candlelight Vigil 3.0, or Diplomacy.”

At the press conference Earnest affirmed that the White House is totally committed to defeating the Islamic State, and that in addition to the Wishful Thinking weapons program the President has already initiated a severe hashtag campaign (‪#‎StopTerrorismNow‬), and has facilitated the live-streaming of hundreds of anti-violence and equality rallies on college campuses around the nation.

“Make no mistake,” he said. “This administration will not hesitate to use any method in the fight against the evil that is ISIS, up to and including international condemnation or the deployment of additional hashtags to the region.”

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  1. I heard the biggest issue with this is that Facebook is the #1 source of Thoughts & Prayers after the Paris Attacks and the TOS, T&C and IMWFO Policies employed by Facebook clearly mean that the Thoughts and Prayers belong to Mark Zuckerberg.

    I have heard from a relaiable source that Mr. Zuckerberg’s legal team are currently working out a pricing plan which is scaled.

    However, Facebook, Inc. have information that clearly shows that when demand is at it’s highest, supply is also at it’s highest and the scaling system allows Mr. Zuckerberg to up the prices during time of demand even though supply is high at that point. What was initially thought to become a self-sufficient form of ammunition has now been capitalised on by one individual.

    It was the clever people in Iceland who sussed this out, but not until Moonface himself Mr. Cameron signed up to a deal with the US that has seen us offer 3% of the revenue of all tea sold in the UK to buy shares in this project. We stand to lose £1475billion pounds in December alone now.

  2. We need to raise awareness of this effort in order to overcome the technical challenges this program is facing. It’s not like technical challenges are solved by some sort of engineering team. What we need is to have the mass of the public, especially the portions who have jobs that don’t have a damn thing to do with science or engineering, all offering their opinions as how to best deliver the T&P system.

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