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Coast Guard Mostly Saves Very Stupid People, Study Finds


WASHINGTON, DC — Nearly 83 percent of mariner rescues since 1960 involved unrelentingly stupid behaviors and/or people, according to a recent study by the U.S. Coast Guard.

Though the service treats all search and rescue situations equally, most on-scene commanders will privately admit that a majority of the time “it was just some dumb bastard with no concern for personal safety,” according to the study’s authors.

“These statistics are unthinkable,” said Coast Guard spokesperson Lt. Carla Willmington. “Our service prides itself on response time, SAR organization, and comprehensive rescue pattern analysis. But it’s tough to stay on task when the bulk of these cases involve people paralyzed from the neck up. ”

The U. S. Coast Guard Office of Search and Rescue report examined nearly all cases handled on inland and offshore waters from 1960 through 2014. Following the Federal Boating Act of 1971, increases in cases by “fucking idiots” and “goddamn morons” have been staggering, and very challenging to the service as it struggles to operate under a minimal budget.

Between 2010 and 2014, the most recent years studied, incidents involving “total assholery” increased from 10,687 to 38,335.

“I joined the Coast Guard because it seemed like we were the only military service operating even when we weren’t fighting in some war,” said Operations Spc. Bill Horvath, of Sector Humboldt Bay. “But then you realize we are at war, against an army of dipshits with boats.”

“I’ve seen some pretty stupid shit in my time,” said Willmington. “Why would a boater decide it’s a good idea to sail balls-first into a hurricane with zero lifejackets, zero flares, and apparently zero fucks? Why even make an effort for these people? I’m all for a Darwinian Search and Rescue Plan, if you follow me.”

“I know there are boaters out there who own and operate vessels responsibly,” Horvath said. “But, statistically speaking, people need to just stay off the water. We’re already running on a low budget and stretched thin with unreliable assets. The last thing we need is a bunch of soup sandwiches sailing around aimlessly wasting our goddamn time, putting our lives at risk, too.”

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  1. used to cost us 1 million to get underway. one day as we were going out i suggested they send a smaller boat as i thought the old couple was just over the horizon. yep, just over the horizon!

  2. Mountain Rescue have the same problem, going up mountains in winter with some maps you drew yourself, slippers and a dressing gown seems to be a popular past time activity in these here parts….

  3. Too true! We live on our boat in a rich white guy Southern town. The number of doctors and lawyers unable to read a ‘no-wake zone’ sign is pathetic. Our local law has a river patrol, which saves the Coasties grief, but the red helicopters still get quite a workout.

  4. ” …we are at war, against an army of dipshits with boats”

    It’s sentences like that that warm the cockles of my heart.

  5. I created an account just so I could post a comment under this article.

    This article is awesome, because it\’s so very, very true. If people are smart when they head out on a boat, and have all of their equipment, and properly maintain their boat, know the area, then they will never have to radio the Coast Guard for help.

    Source — I worked for three years at a Coast Guard Search and Rescue Station.

  6. I thought Duffle Blog was just satire but then this comes out! I seriously thought the stats would be higher.

    • The stats probably could have been higher, but the author probably didn’t want to make them unrealistic.

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